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ABC of HIV and AIDS, 6th Edition

Michael W. Adler (Editor), Simon G. Edwards (Editor), Robert F. Miller (Editor), Gulshan Sethi (Editor), Ian Williams (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-118-42590-9
144 pages
April 2012, BMJ Books
ABC of HIV and AIDS, 6th Edition (1118425901) cover image


An authoritative guide to the epidemiology, incidence, testing and diagnosis and management of HIV and AIDS.

From an international expert editor and contributor team, this new sixth edition includes expanded coverage of HIV testing, assessment and routine follow up and new chapters outlining problematic conditions associated with HIV and AIDS. Prevention strategies, early diagnosis and antiretroviral drugs and pharmacotherapy are covered in detail as well as children and women with HIV. It also addresses key psychological and mental health issues, patient perspectives and the role of patient engagement.

 As knowledge into the illness grows and major advances in HIV therapy see more people living with HIV in the community, the ABC of HIV and AIDS, 6e provides clear practical guidance for general practitioners, hospital doctors, nurses, medical students, counsellors, allied health workers and anyone working and caring for patients with HIV and AIDS.

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Table of Contents

Contributors, vii

Preface, ix

1 Development of the Epidemic, 1
B. Sultan and M. W. Adler

2 Immunology of HIV-1 Infection, 6
M. Noursadeghi and D. Pillay

3 Viral Assays Used in the Diagnosis and Management of HIV Infection, 10
A. M. Geretti and P. Vitiello

4 HIV Testing: Strategies to Prevent Late Diagnosis, 15
A. Palfreeman and E. Fox

5 Clinical Staging and Natural History of Untreated HIV Infection, 20
M. Tenant-Flowers and A. Mindel

6 Routine Assessment and Follow-up of the Newly Diagnosed HIV-positive Individual, 25
L. Waters and D. Asboe

7 Tumours in HIV, 29
M. Bower

8 The Lung and HIV, 35
S. Doffman and R. F. Miller

9 HIV and Tuberculosis Co-infection, 42
F. Perrin, R. Breen and M. Lipman

10 The Gut and HIV, 48
B. Gazzard and M. Nelson

11 Viral Hepatitis and Liver Disease, 54
R. Gilson and H. Price

12 Neurological Manifestations, 59
H. Manji and R. F. Miller

13 The Eye and HIV, 67
C. Younan, W. Lynn and S. Lightman

14 The Skin and HIV, 72
R. Morris-Jones and E. Higgins

15 The Kidney and HIV, 78
J. Booth and J. Connolly

16 Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV, 83
P. French

17 Women and HIV, 87
C. Wilkinson and D. Mercey

18 HIV Infection in Children, 91
P. McMaster and S. Stokes

19 Antiretroviral Drugs, 97
P. Benn, G. Sethi and I. G. Williams

20 Pharmacopoeia of Treatments, 101
J. Minton, G. Sethi and S. G. Edwards

21 Psychological and Mental Health Issues, 108
B. Hedge

22 Strategies for Preventing HIV Transmission, 114
J. Imrie and G. J. Hart

23 Patient and Community Perspective, 120
G. Brough and N. Lubega

24 The Role of Patient Engagement, 123
C. Sandford

Index, 127

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Author Information

Edited by
Michael W. Adler, Professor of Genitourinary Medicine/Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, UK

Simon G. Edwards, GU/HIV Clinician, Mortimer Market Centre, London, UK

Robert F. Miller, Reader in Clinical Infection and Honorary Consultant Physician, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, UK

Gulshan Sethi, Department of Sexual Health, St Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK

Ian G. Williams, Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Physician, Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, UK

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The Wiley Advantage

  • This bestselling and authoritative guide to the epidemiology, incidence and management of HIV/AIDS, reflects the constantly changing knowledge of the disease and its manifestations and new developments in drug and non-drug management.
  • Features distinguished editors with contributions from internationally respected experts
  • Written by the director of the Department for Sexually Transmitted Diseases at University College London
  • Concise and straightforward – can be used by all levels of health care workers caring for AIDS patients
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“An authoritative guide to the epidemiology, incidence, testing and diagnosis and management of HIV and AIDS.”  (MedReview, 1 November 2012)

“This excellent new edition has been updated to incorporate developments and current issues in the management of HIV … This edition is highly recommended as the best available overview on HIV and AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).”  (British Journal of Hospital Medicine, 1 August 2012)
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