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A Companion to Woodrow Wilson

ISBN: 978-1-118-44540-2
680 pages
January 2013, Wiley-Blackwell
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A Companion to Woodrow Wilson presents a compilation of essays contributed by various scholars in the field that cover all aspects of the life and career of America’s 28th president.

  • Represents the only current anthology of essays to introduce readers to the scholarship on all aspects of Wilson's life and career
  • Offers a 'one stop' destination for anyone interested in understanding how the scholarship on Wilson has evolved and where it stands now
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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations ix

Notes on Contributors x

Introduction 1
Ross A. Kennedy

Part I To the Presidency 7

1. Wilson the Man 9
Mark Benbow

2. Wilson’s Religious, Historical, and Political Thought 38
Malcolm D. Magee

3. Path to Power: Wilson as President of Princeton and Governor of New Jersey 55
Edmund D. Potter

4. Presidential Politics and the Election of 1912 71
William B. Murphy

Part II National Progressivism and Wilson 89

5. Wilson as Chief Executive: Relations with Congress, the Cabinet, and Staff 91
Robert C. Hilderbrand

6. The New Freedom and its Evolution 106
W. Elliot Brownlee

7. Wilson and Race Relations 133
Jennifer D. Keene

8. Wilson’s Views on Immigration and Ethnicity 152
Kristofer Allerfeldt

9. The Election of 1916 173
Nicole M. Phelps

Part III Foreign Relations: Western Hemisphere and Asia, 1913–1921 191

10. Wilson and Mexico 193
Benjamin T. Harrison

11. US Policies Toward Latin America 206
Michael E. Neagle

12. US Policies Toward China, Japan, and the Philippines 225
Anne L. Foster

Part IV World War I: Neutrality to War 241

13. Neutrality Policy and the Decision for War 243
Justus D. Doenecke

14. Preparedness 270
Ross A. Kennedy

Part V Wartime Progressivism, 1917–1921 287

15. Economic Mobilization 289
Mark R. Wilson

16. Propaganda: Wilson and the Committee on Public Information 308
Richard L. Hughes

17. Civil Liberties 323
Kathleen Kennedy

18. Wilson and Woman Suffrage 343
Barbara J. Steinson

Part VI Fighting World War I 365

19. War Aims, 1917 to November 11, 1918 367
John A. Thompson

20. Policies Toward Russia and Intervention in the Russian Revolution 386
David S. Foglesong

21. Wilson’s Policies toward Eastern and Southeastern Europe, 1917–1919 406
M. B. B. Biskupski

22. Wilson and His Commanders 426
Jack McCallum

Part VII Peacemaking: Paris and After 443

23. Negotiating Peace Terms for Germany 445
Klaus Schwabe

24. Wilson’s Project for a New World Order of Permanent Peace and Security 470
William R. Keylor

25. Wilson, Europe’s Colonial Empires, and the Issue of Imperialism 492
Priscilla Roberts

26. The League Fight 518
John Milton Cooper, Jr

Part VIII Into the Twenties 529

27. Red Scare 531
Adam J. Hodges

28. The Election of 1920 551
Allan J. Lichtman

Part IX Wilson’s Shadow 567

29. Legacy and Reputation 569
Lloyd E. Ambrosius

Selected Bibliography 588

Index 635

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Author Information

Ross A. Kennedy is Associate Professor of History at Illinois State University. He is the author of The Will to Believe: Woodrow Wilson, World War I, and America's Strategy for Peace and Security (2009).
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A Companion to Woodrow Wilson shows how much can be learned from a conscientious bibliographic review. It is an impressive book that—through its best chap­ters—could teach valuable lessons to historians of many topics in addition to those studying Wilson.”  (Journal of American History, 1 March 2014)

“This is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to examine Wilson and the issues and events he dealt with. It gives comprehensive and incisive accounts of the many and conflicting views of this man and what he wrought.” - John M. Cooper, University of Wisconsin

“Congratulations to Ross Kennedy for this excellent volume on Woodrow Wilson. These original essays by both senior and junior scholars summarize current historiography and add new insights on all aspects of his life and legacy.  Anyone wanting to learn more about the president and his place in history should read this volume.” - Lloyd Ambrosius, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"The present moment cries out for a reconsideration of Woodrow Wilson, who did so much to redefine U.S. politics and foreign policy.  This volume provides a useful guide to the sprawling Wilson literature, reminding us that so many of the issues he grappled with—war, peace, taxes, regulation, race--will never go away." - Glen Gendzel, San Jose State University

“This collection of essays offers an important reappraisal of the life, thought, and presidency of Woodrow Wilson.  A “must read” for students and scholars of twentieth-century U.S. and international history.” - Elizabeth McKillen, University of Maine

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