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Intelligent Stimuli-Responsive Materials: From Well-Defined Nanostructures to Applications

Quan Li (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-118-45200-4
486 pages
October 2013
Intelligent Stimuli-Responsive Materials: From Well-Defined Nanostructures to Applications (1118452003) cover image


There has been concerted effort across scientific disciplines to develop artificial materials and systems that can help researchers understand natural stimuli-responsive activities. With its up-to-date coverage on intelligent stimuli-responsive materials, Intelligent Stimuli-Responsive Materials provides research, industry, and academia professionals with the fundamentals and principles of intelligent stimuli-responsive materials, with a focus on methods and applications. Emphasizing nanostructures and applications for a broad range of fields, each chapter comprehensively covers a different stimuli-responsive material and discusses its developments, advances, challenges, analytical techniques, and applications.
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Table of Contents

Preface vii

Contributors ix

1 Nature-Inspired Stimuli-Responsive Self-Folding Materials 1
Leonid Ionov

2 Stimuli-Responsive Nanostructures from Self-Assembly of Rigid–Flexible Block Molecules 17
Yongju Kim, Taehoon Kim, and Myongsoo Lee

3 Stimuli-Directed Alignment Control of Semiconducting Discotic Liquid Crystalline Nanostructures 55
Hari Krishna Bisoyi and Quan Li

4 Anion-Driven Supramolecular Self-Assembled Materials 115
Hiromitsu Maeda

5 Photoresponsive Cholesteric Liquid Crystals 141
Yannian Li and Quan Li

6 Electric- and Light-Responsive Bent-Core Liquid Crystals: From Molecular Architecture and Supramolecular Nanostructures to Applications 189
Yongqiang Zhang

7 Photomechanical Liquid Crystalline Polymers:Motion in Response to Light 233
Haifeng Yu and Quan Li

8 Responsive Nanoporous Silica Colloidal Films and Membranes 265
Amir Khabibullin and Ilya Zharov

9 Stimuli-Responsive Smart Organic Hybrid Metal Nanoparticles 293
Chenming Xue and Quan Li

10 Biologically Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels 335
Akifumi Kawamura and Takashi Miyata

11 Biomimetic Self-Oscillating Polymer Gels 363
Ryo Yoshida

12 Stimuli-Responsive Surfaces in Biomedical Applications 377
Alice Pranzetti, Jon A. Preece, and Paula M. Mendes

13 Stimuli-Responsive Conjugated Polymers: From Electronic Noses to Artificial Muscles 423
Astha Malhotra, Matthew McInnis, Jordan Anderson, and Lei Zhai

Index 471

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Author Information

QUAN LI, PhD, is Director of the Organic Synthesis and Advanced Materials Laboratory of the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University, where he is also Adjunct Professor in the Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program. He has directed research projects supported by U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), U.S. Department of Defense Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (DoD MURI), U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and U.S. National Science Foundation, among other funding institutions.

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“From this book it becomes clear that the potential of stimuli-responsive materials is enormous. It is a superb guide to the subject, and I enthusiastically recommend reading it.”  (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed, 1 October 2014)

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