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Teach Yourself VISUALLY Pinterest

ISBN: 978-1-118-45907-2
288 pages
October 2012
Teach Yourself VISUALLY Pinterest (1118459075) cover image

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Interest in Pinterest is soaring and, if you haven't yet used this fun social networking site, this Teach Yourself VISUALLY Pinterest book can help. Using clear, step-by-step tasks with plenty of visuals and illustrations, this book shows you what to do, rather than bogging you down with lengthy text. From pinning basics to drawing viewers to your own posts to connecting your pins to Facebook, this book covers all these tasks and more. You can plan a wedding, decorate a home, or share recipes with the Pinterest community once you learn the basics of Pinterest with this fun, practical guide.

  • Includes everything you need to know to get started with Pinterest, including the basics of pinning, how to attract followers to your own posts, and how to connect your pins to Facebook
  • Offers full-color screen shots and numbered, step-by-step instructions that clearly show you what to do

If you want an easy-to-follow, visual way to get started with Pinterest, you'll want Teach Yourself VISUALLY Pinterest.

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Chapter 1 Getting Started with Pinterest

Introducing Pinterest  4

Join Pinterest Using Your E-mail Address 6

Join Pinterest Using Facebook  8

Join Pinterest Using Twitter  10

Complete Your Sign-Up  12

Sign Up with Twitter  16

Sign Up with Facebook  18

Understanding Pinterest Terminology  20

Log into Pinterest Three Ways  22

Create a Bio  24

Upload a Profile Picture  26

Install a Bookmarklet  28

Understanding Pinterest Etiquette  30

Create a New Board  32

Create Your First Pin  34

Create a Pin from the Pin It Bookmarklet  36

Chapter 2 Navigating Pinterest

Find Pins with Everything and Popular  40

Find Pins with Pinterest Search  42

Follow a Pinner 44

Follow a Board  46

Find Pinners via Related Sites  48

Repin a Pin  50

Understanding the Pin Window  52

Like a Pin  54

Comment on a Pin 56

Unfollow a Pinner  58

Unfollow a Board  60

Unlike a Pin  62

Delete a Comment You Made  63

Follow a Pin to Its Source  64

Chapter 3 Refining Your Pinterest Setup

Understanding the Profile Page  68

Change the Information About You  70

Adjust Your E-mail Settings  72

Rename a Board  74

Rearrange Your Boards  76

Set Your Board Cover Image  78

Hide Comments from Feeds  80

Chapter 4 Building Your Community

Make a Pinning Plan  84

Follow and Invite Facebook Friends  86

Follow Friends Through Yahoo  88

Invite Friends Through E-mail  90

Alert a Pinner to a Pin  92

Add Hashtags to an Image  94

Follow Pinners Who Repin Your Pins  96

E-mail a Pin  98

Make Yourself Worth Following 100

Chapter 5 Curating Your Boards

Create a Boards Plan 104

Categorize Your Boards 106

Move a Pin to a Different Board 108

Delete a Pin from a Board 110

Add or Edit a Board Description 112

Add a Contributor to Your Board 114

Remove Group Contributors 116

Change Group Board as Contributor 118

Delete a Board 120

Delete a Comment Made on Your Board 122

Chapter 6 Expanding Your Pinning Options

Upload a Pin 126

Edit a Pin’s Source Link 128

Turn Screenshots into Pins 130

Create a Quote Image 132

Make Stickies with Pinstamatic 134

Create a Map with Pinstamatic 136

Pin Content with the Easypinner Browser Extension 138

Add Pinning as a Right-Click Option 140

Add a Video to Your Board 142

Use the Pinterest App on Your iPhone or iPad 144

Access Pinterest from Other Mobile Devices 148

Chapter 7 Promoting Your Business or Blog

Determine If Pinterest Is a Good Fit 152

Add a Pin It Button to Your Site 154

Add a Follow Button to Your Site 158

Add a Product to the Gifts Section 160

Pin Images and Link to Your Website 162

Add a Guest Board 164

Conduct a Contest 168

Add Text to an Image 170

View Pins from Your Website 174

Analyze Your Pinterest Activity 176

Chapter 8 Expanding Your Audience

Share Your Pins on Facebook 180

Link to Twitter 182

Share Pins Through Twitter 184

Add a Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Page 186

Add a Pinterest Link to Your E-mail 190

Embed Pins on Your Blog or Site 192

Add a Pinterest Plugin on WordPress 194

Promote Your Pinterest RSS Feeds 196

Use Repins to Find Pinners 198

Chapter 9 Putting Your Pinterests to Work

Access Resources for Teaching 202

Organize a Wedding 204

Use Pinterest for Your Gift Registry 206

Pin Your Portfolio 212

Post Your Resume 214

Integrate Snapguide Tutorials with Pinterest 216

Chapter 10 Protecting Yourself

Review Your Pinterest Settings 220

Unlink Your Twitter Account 221

Change Your Pinterest Settings at Facebook 222

Unlink Your Facebook Account 224

Report Spam Pins 226

Identify Fake Pinners 228

Submit a Spammer Report 230

Change Your Password 232

Give Credit to Image Creators 234

Block Pin It Use at Your Website 236

Block Pins from Your Flickr Account 238

Report Copyright Infringement 240

File a Trademark Complaint 242

Chapter 11 Getting Help

Get Support on Pinterest 246

Browse Pinterest Support 248

Review Known Issues 250

Submit a Support Request 252

Report Objectionable Pins 254

Find Source of Image with Google 256

Change Language at Pinterest 258

Keep Up with Pinterest News 260

Create a Google Alert for Pinterest 261

Reactivate Your Account 262

Deactivate Your Pinterest Account 264

Index  266

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