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1st International Conference on 3D Materials Science, 2012: July 8-12, 2012, Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, USA, Conference Proceedings

Marc De Graef (Editor), Henning Friis Poulsen (Editor), Alexis Lewis (Editor), Jeff Simmons (Editor), George Spanos (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-118-47039-8
July 2012
1st International Conference on 3D Materials Science, 2012: July 8-12, 2012, Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs, Pennsylvania, USA, Conference Proceedings (1118470397) cover image


Addressing a critical growth area in materials science, this volume features papers presented at the 2012 International Conference on 3D Materials Science, organized by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS). With the top researchers in the world assessing the state-of-the-art within the various elements of three-dimensional materials science, this collection provides the premier forum for authoritative presentations on all aspects of the science, including characterization, visualization, quantitative analysis, modeling, and investigation of structure-property relationships of materials.
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Table of Contents

Preface ix

About the Conference Editors/Organizers xi

Organizers xiii

Perspectives on 3D Materials Science

Perspectives on Materials Science in 3D 1
D. Jensen

3D Microstructure-Property Relationships

3D Investigation of Cracking Behavior in a Ni Superalloy 13
A. Deal, D. Rowenhorst, B. Laflen, I. Spinelli, T. Barbuto, Y. Huang, and T. Hanlon

On the Three-dimensional Microstructure of Martensite in Carbon Steels 19
P. Hedstrom, A. Stormvinter, A. Borgenstam, A. Gholinia, B. Winiarski, P. Withers, O. Karlsson, and J. Hagstrom

FIB/SEM Determination of Sub-surface Damage Caused by Micro-tribology Scratching of WC/Co Hardmetal Samples 25
M. Gee, K. Mingard, A. Gant, and H. Jones

3D Characterization of Recrystallization Boundaries 31
Y. Zhang, A. Godfrey, N. MacDonald, and D. Juul Jensen

Development of Fully Automated Serial-sectioning 3D Microscope and Topological Approach to Pearlite and Dual-phase Miscrostructure in Steels 37
Y. Adachi, N. Sato, M. Ojima, M. Nakayama, and Y. Wang

Fragmentation of a Steel Ring under Explosive Loading 43
J. Schreiber, I. Smid, and T. Eden

Quantifying the Effect of 3D Spatial Resolution on the Accuracy of Microstructural Distributions 49
G. Loughnane, R. Grandhi, R. Srinivasan, M. Uchic, M. Groeber, M. Riley, and M. Shah

Three-dimensional Investigation of Void Growth Leading to Fracture in Commercially Pure Titanium 61
M. Pushkareva, J. Adrien, E. Maire, and A. Weck

Quantification of Primary Phase Undercooling of Rapidly Solidified Droplets with 3D Microtomography 67
A. Ilbagi, P. Delshad Khatibi, H. Henein, C. Gandin, and D. Herlach

3D Microstructural Architectures for Metal and Alloy Components Fabricated by 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Technologies 73
E. Martinez, L. Murr, K. Amato, J. Hernandez, P. Shindo, S. Gaytan, D. Ramirez, F. Medina, and R. Wicker

Elastic Behavior of the Percolating Eutectic Structure of a High Pressure Die Cast Magnesium Alloy 79
B. Zhang, A. Nagasekhar, and C. Caceres

Numerical Simulations of Compression Properties of SiC/Fe-20Cr Co-continuous Composites 85
L. Yu, Y. Jiang, S. Lu, H. Ru, and M. Fang

Calculation of Lorentz Force Field of the Innovation Cathode Cell 91
Y. Jiang, L. Yu, and N. Feng

Enumeration of Polyhedra for Grain Growth Analysis 97
T. Keller, B. Cutler, M. Glicksman, and D. Lewis

Distribution of Carbide Particles and Its Influence on Grain Growth of Ferrite in Fe-C Alloys Containing B and V 107

Modeling Grain Boundary Interfaces in Pure Nickel 113
T. Turner, J. Schuren, P. Shade, and M. Groeber

A Toolbox for Geometric Grain Boundary Characterization 119
K. Glowinski, and A. Morawiec

3D Microstructures of Sb2Te3 Precipitates in PbTe Matrix with Prediction by a Weak Compatibility Condition 125
X. Chen, S. Cao, T. Ikeda, V. Srivastava, J. Snyder, D. Schryvers, and R. James

In-situ Characterization of Entrainment Defects in Liquid Al-Si-Mg Alloy 131
Y. Yue, W. Griffiths, J. Fife, and N. Green

Image Processing and Digital Representations of 3D Microstructures

Shape Analysis and Classification of Objects 137
B. Neal, and J. Russ

Graph Cut Approaches for Materials Segmentation Preserving Shape, Appearance, and Topology 147
J. Waggoner, J. Simmons, M. De Graef, and S. Wang

Fitting Laguerre Tessellations to the Microstructure of Cellular Materials 153
I. Vecchio, K. Schladitz, and C. Redenbach

Simulation of FIB-SEM Images for Segmentation of Porous Microstructures 159
T. Prill, K. Schladitz, and C. Wieser

Handling Misalignment and Drift in 3D EBSD Data Sets 165
Y. Huang, B. Laflen, A. Deal, I. Spinelli, A. Barbuto, and T. Hanlon

Optimizing Stochastic Process for Efficient Microstructure Reconstruction 171
S. Ryu, and D. Li

Characterization of Pores and Cracks in Underwater Welds by μCT and Digital Optical Microscopy 177
S. Paciornik, T. Bernthaler, V. dos Santos, M. Monteiro, M. Mauricio, A. Bracarense, and E. Pessoa

Characterization of Carbonate Rocks through X-ray Microtomography 183
D. Pilotto, S. Fontoura, S. Paciornik, and M. Mauricio

Subgrain Boundary Identification in 3D EBSD Data through Fast Multiscale Clustering 189
B. Soe, C. McMahon, D. Golay, Z. Quadir, M. Ferry, and L. Bassman

Applications of 3D Experimental Techniques Across Length Scales

An Automated Multi-modal Serial Sectioning System for Characterization of Grain-Scale Microstructures in Engineering Materials 195
M. Uchic, M. Groeber, M. Shah, P. Callahan, A. Shiveley, M. Chapman, M. Scott, and J. Spowart

Ultra Fast Tomography: New Developments for 4D Studies in Material Science 203
P. Lhuissier, M. Scheel, M. Di Michiel, E. Boller, J. Adrien, E. Maire, L. Salvo, J. Blandin, and M. Suery

Three-dimensional Characterization of Dislocation-Defect Interactions 209
I. Robertson, J. Kacher, and G. Liu

The Microstructure of RR1000 Nickel-base Superalloy: The FIB-SEM Dual-beam Approach 215
S. Croxall, M. Hardy, H. Stone, and P. Midgley

3D Analysis of Phase Separation in Ferritic Stainless Steels 221
J. Odqvist, J. Zhou, W. Xiong, P. Hedstrom, M. Thuvander, M. Selleby, and J. Agren

Micro-computed Tomography, a 3D Tool for Non-destructive Visualisation and Analysis 227
E. Bongaers, and R. van den Bosch

SEM-based Electron Tomography of Turfs Comprised of Lineal Structures 233
O. Fakron, and D. Field

Author Index 239

Subject Index 241

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