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How to Present: The Ultimate Guide to Presenting Your Ideas and Influencing People Using Techniques that Actually Work

ISBN: 978-1-118-47624-6
320 pages
February 2013, Wrightbooks
How to Present: The Ultimate Guide to Presenting Your Ideas and Influencing People Using Techniques that Actually Work (1118476247) cover image


Do you get nervous when presenting at work?

Do you want to showcase your knowledge, influence people and accelerate your career?

Would you like to learn the secrets of successful speaking, communicating and presenting?

How to Present reveals how you can be a confident, clear and influential presenter every time. Presentation skills expert Michelle Bowden shares her internationally proven 13-step system to exceptional presenting, starting with analysis (plan what you would like to achieve), then design (put your presentation together) and delivery (communicate your message for results).

Whether you're presenting or speaking to one person or thousands, this is the essential guide to becoming an outstanding presenter.

How to Present will help you:

  • maximise your impact in meetings, conferences and conversations
  • manage your nerves so you feel calm and confident
  • engage your audience and master the art of persuasion
  • deliver your message clearly and with authority
  • command attention and achieve your goals!

There is no other book on the market like this that will take you step-by-step through the process of successful presenting.
Steve Weston, Managing Director of Retail Lending, UK Retail and Business Banking division, Barclays

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Table of Contents

Foreword xi

About the author xiii

Thank you! xv

Welcome to this book! xvii

1 Influential presenting at a glance 1

Phase 1: Analysis — Be clear on your goals 15

2 What do you want to achieve from your presentation? 17

Phase 2: Design — Write your presentation 35

3 Structure your message 37

4 Design your presentation 49

5 Script your presentation in 13 steps 59

6 Watch your language! 119

7 The art of storytelling 135

Phase 3: Delivery — Captivate your audience 151

8 Warm up your mind 153

9 Warm up your body and voice 165

10 Connect with your audience 175

11 Speak with confidence 183

12 Body language 191

13 Engage and entertain! 207

14 Dealing with difficult people 221

15 Using visual aids 229

16 Setting up the room 253

17 Get some positive feedback 261

18 Summary of How to Present tips 267

And now it's up to you 283

Resources 285

Index 287

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Author Information

Michelle Bowden is a Certified Speaking Professional who presents to thousands of people each year. Michelle's client list reads like a who's who of international business from banking and finance, information technology, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and retail — plus many more. Visit www.michellebowden.com.au.

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Press Release

January 02, 2013
How To Present: The ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work

Research conducted by author and influential presentation skills expert Michelle Bowden in 2010 has shown that:

  • 50% of audiences think the last presentation they attended was boring
  • Only 28% of audiences report that they were inspired to action after the latest presentation they attended
  • 70% of audiences report  that their colleagues and workplace superiors rely heavily on reading from PowerPoint slides 
  • How to Present  is the ONLY book that can to teach you how to: analyse, design and deliver a winning presentation with influence!  

Let’s face it, public speaking has the power to derail even the most accomplished people and we’ve all been forced to sit through PowerPoint presentations that have bored us to tears. So imagine if you had the confidence and skills to execute a winning presentation that could influence and persuade your audience and that galvanizes them into action.

In How to Present, Michelle Bowden shares her comprehensive, 13-step fool proof formula for killer presentations that she has used successfully with over 6000 people in her exclusive training courses over much of the last two decades.

There are three phases to an influential presentation: analysis, design and delivery and How to Present will help you nail them all. Michelle shares everything you need to know (including the actual steps you need to follow) to design a persuasive, confident and engaging message in any setting, a business pitch, sales appointment or even birthday and wedding speeches.

 “It doesn’t matter how good your message is if no one is listening! Let’s face it, the majority of presenters rely on reading from poorly crafted PowerPoint slides and it’s no wonder audiences are left bored rigid and uninspired.”  The fact is that anyone can be a highly influential presenter who speaks with confidence, clarity and influence, they just need to be shown how,” said author Michelle Bowden. 

Unlike any other book on the market, How to Present is the only book that walks readers through the process of planning, crafting, practicing and executing a winning presentation that creates impact and most importantly, influences your audience.   So make 2013 the year you conquer your public speaking fears and showcase your professional expertise and accelerate your career!

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