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The Manager and the Monk: A Discourse on Prayer, Profit, and Principles

ISBN: 978-1-118-47941-4
208 pages
April 2013, Jossey-Bass
The Manager and the Monk: A Discourse on Prayer, Profit, and Principles (1118479416) cover image


An exploration of spirituality, values, and sustainability in business

When Jochen Zeitz and Anselm Grün first met onstage as "the manager and the monk," Zeitz was CEO and Chairman of Puma, and Father Grün was a monk serving as cellarer, the business manager of his Benedictine abbey. They came together to discuss their shared goal: what it means to lead and manage responsibly and sustainably in today's shifting world.

Available for the first time in English, The Manager and the Monk features these topical essays and dialogues, drawing on sources as diverse as the Bible, contemporary religious thought, psychological theory, and the innovative "environmental profit & loss account" Zeitz developed for Puma. Together, Zeitz and Gr??n explore their intersecting definitions of prosperity, values, sustainability, among a host of other topics.

  • Jochen Zeitz was CEO of Puma for 18 years and is founder, with Sir Richard Branson, of the B Team, a global initiative aimed at transforming the future of business
  • Anselm Grün is cellarer (business manager) of Münsterschwarzach Abbey in Germany, overseeing a staff of 300 in crafts such as beekeeping and brewing; and an internationally best-selling author of more than 300 books available in 35 languages
  • Translated from an award-winning German book, Gott, Geld, und Gewissen, which has been translated into 11 languages

The Manager and the Monk is a thoughtful, impassioned plea for how to manage responsibly in the modern world.

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Table of Contents

Preface ix












Notes 177

Acknowledgments 179

About the Authors 183

Index 187

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Author Information

Jochen Zeitz is director of PPR and chairman of its board's sustainable development committee, after having been CEO of the Sport and Lifestyle division and chief sustainability officer of PPR since 2010. Prior to this, Zeitz served 18 years as chairman and CEO of PUMA. He founded the non-profit Zeitz Foundation of Intercultural Ecosphere Safety, and with Sir Richard Branson is founder and cochair of The B Team. He has been a member of the board of directors of Harley-Davidson since 2007 and is on the advisory board of TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity).

For more information, please visit www.zeitzfoundation.org or follow Jochen on Twitter via @JochenZeitz.

Father Anselm Grün, OSB, Th.D, is the cellarer, or financial manager, of the Mnsterschwarzach Abbey, near Wrzburg, Germany. At age 19 he became a Benedictine monk at Mnsterschwarzach Abbey, learning the art of leading others based on the Rule of St. Benedict of Nursia. He also studied philosophy, theology, and business administration, and is an internationally best-selling author whose books are available in 35 languages.

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“[The Manager and the Monk] reassures and awakens readers to life and business choices that celebrate generosity, honesty, and authenticity.”
—SUCCESS Magazine

The Manager and The Monk is a book for leaders who aspire to evolve their way of thinking and acting by keeping an open mind, to make for a better world.”
—Sir Richard Branson, founder, Virgin Group

The Manager and the Monk is a great example of the new partnership between matter and Spirit, business and spirituality, effectiveness and meaning. This is where we must go!”
—Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Center for Action and Contemplation and author, Falling Upward and Immortal Diamond

The Manager and the Monk, scaling very different pyramids of success, meet at a single summit in the same world—a world of competition, but also of heightened awareness, hope, and wonder.”
—John Elkington, cofounder, SustainAbility and Volans; coauthor,The Power of Unreasonable People

The Manager and the Monk is a vibrant, beautifully articulated, and stunningly fresh narrative that takes you on a unique literary adventure that can't but help to leave you inspired. Not only does it allow for an intimate insight into the world of two extraordinary characters, but it also masterfully articulates the processes we will all require, if we are to learn to sculpt a more positive outcome towards our collective future.”
—David de Rothschild, founder, Sculpt the Future Foundation, and author,The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook and Plastiki

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Press Release

April 11, 2013
The Manager and the Monk: A Discourse on Prayer, Profit, and Principles


"The Manager and The Monk is a book for leaders who aspire to evolve their way of thinking and acting by keeping an open mind, to make for a better world." Sir Richard Branson, founder, Virgin Group

A shift is emerging in organizational leadership. Realizing that blindly pursuing short-term success can result in long-term damage, leaders have begun to rethink the traditional idea of a mission statement, instead merging their organizational goals with what is better for their community and the environment as a whole. Organizations run this way, with attention to altruism as well as profits, will find success while positively impacting society in the process. But balancing both ideals can be tricky. Given the mix of personal principles and executive policies managers must juggle, what is the best way to strike a balance between these two views?

In The Manager and the Monk: A Discourse on Prayer, Profit and Principles (Wiley; $26.95; April 2013, 978-1-118-47941-4; e-book available) unlikely co-authors Jochen Zeitz and Anselm Grun prove that managing responsibly is a very attainable reality. Zeitz, who spent 18 years as Puma’s CEO and executive chairman, understands the pressures of operating a large, global corporation while staying true to personal convictions. Meanwhile, as cellarer of his Benedictine abbey, Grun must manage his staff of 300 in the monastery’s commercial activities while upholding the spiritual philosophies he and his monastery hold sacred. Although Zeitz and Grun hold different roles and responsibilities, their experiences demonstrate that management and values are not mutually exclusive.

The Manager and the Monkfeatures several essays and an ongoing dialogue between these two unique individuals, presenting a guide for any manager to lead responsibly and sustainably in the fast-paced 21st century. Due to their shared values and commitments to their respective organizations, Zeitz and Grun have more in common than one would expect. Throughout the book, the two draw on a diverse assortment of sources, from contemporary religious thought to psychological theory. A valuable guide for anyone interested in exploring the beneficial relationship between values and business, The Manager and the Monk radically changes the meaning of success.

While financial success was once the epitome of corporate achievement, Zeitz and Grun establish the importance of a new standard: collective success. By following the examples set forth in the book, anyone will be able to manage responsibly, benefitting every sector their organization comes into contact with—not just their shareholders. Readers will learn how to manage an organization while simultaneously upholding the values that are important to them, such as protecting the environment, improving society, employing sustainable methods, and more. To fully address every aspect of responsible management, the book covers a wealth of topical subjects such as success, prosperity, culture, values, the environment and ethics.

Translated from the award-winning German original into14 languages and now available in for the first time in English, The Manager and the Monk challenges and inspires readers to think beyond their organization’s traditional self-serving mission statement and create something better. It’s a thoughtful exploration and impassioned plea for how to manage responsibly in the modern world.

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