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Diabetes and Wellbeing: Managing the Psychological and Emotional Challenges of Diabetes Types 1 and 2

ISBN: 978-1-118-48544-6
232 pages
March 2013, Wiley-Blackwell
Diabetes and Wellbeing: Managing the Psychological and Emotional Challenges of Diabetes Types 1 and 2 (1118485440) cover image


Diabetes and Wellbeing presents a range of effective psychological principles proven to positively impact the emotional wellbeing of individuals with type 1 and 2 diabetes. The guide takes an explicitly CBT approach to motivate sufferers in essential self-care tasks.

  • Written in a practical style, for those newly diagnosed with diabetes, individuals managing its challenges for many years, and healthcare  professionals
  • Reveals how the stress of daily diabetes management can affect an individual’s ability to stay motivated and engaged in essential self-care tasks that are vital for good health
  • Presents proven techniques for improving emotional wellbeing
  • First book to take an explicitly CBT approach to diabetes, simultaneously drawing on solution-focused behavioural therapy and mindfulness approaches
  • Fills the gap information of this kind among healthcare professionals and individuals with diabetes
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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements vi

1 Introduction 1

2 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Diabetes 11

3 Dealing with Diagnosis 23

4 Depression, Low Mood and Burnout 49

5 Managing Fear, Anxiety and Worry 80

6 Managing Food,Weight and Emotions 109

7 Diabetes and Relationships 152

8 Implementing Change 185

9 Managing Setbacks, Staying Solution-Focused and Embracing Mindfulness 205

10 Recommended Resources 218

Index 223

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Author Information

Dr. Jen Nash in a Clinical Psychologist living with diabetes since childhood. She is the founder and director of Positive Diabetes (www.PositiveDiabetes.com), an international service- providing therapy, education and training services to promote the psychological wellbeing of people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. She is also a keynote speaker for national diabetes charities, trainer for NHS professionals, consultant to leading diabetes pharmaceutical companies, and co-author of My Sweet Life: Successful Women with Diabetes (2011).

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“It is an excellent introduction for clients and health practitioners into the range of psychological interventions that are available.”  (Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy, 1 March 2014)

“This book is written to be read in its entirety and is a good addition to the current literature on the psychology of diabetes. It will support many of the web-based learning facilities that are available to patients and healthcare professionals.”  (Diabetes Update, 1 October 2013)


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