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Critical Care Manual of Clinical Procedures and Competencies

Jane Mallett (Editor), John Albarran (Editor), Annette Richardson (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-118-49613-8
592 pages
May 2013, Wiley-Blackwell
Critical Care Manual of Clinical Procedures and Competencies (1118496132) cover image


This manual is aimed at all healthcare practitioners, from novice to expert, who care for the critically ill patient, recognising that different disciplines contribute to the provision of effective care and that essential knowledge and skills are shared by all practitioners. It provides evidence-based guidelines on core critical care procedures and includes a comprehensive competency framework and specific competencies to enable practitioners to assess their abilities and expertise. Each chapter provides a comprehensive overview, beginning with basic principles and progressing to more complex ideas, to support practitioners to develop their knowledge, skills and competencies in critical care.
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Table of Contents

List of contributors

Foreword by Julian Bion

Foreword by Ged Williams


List of abbreviations

Chapter 1 Scope and delivery of evidence-based care
John W. Albarran and Annette Richardson

Chapter 2 Competency-based practice
Julie Scholes, Jo Richmond and Jane Mallett

Chapter 3 Recognizing and managing the critically ill and ‘at risk’ patient on a ward
Mandy Odell

Chapter 4 Admitting a critically ill patient
Vanessa Gibson and Karen Hill

Chapter 5 Assessment, monitoring and interventions for the respiratory system
Maureen Coombs, Judy Dyos, David Waters and Ian Nesbitt

Chapter 6 Monitoring of the cardiovascular system: insertion and assessment
Alan T. Platt, Sarah Conolly and Jonathan Round

Chapter 7 Titration of inotropes and vasopressors
Kirsty Rutledge

Chapter 8 Assessment and support of hydration and nutrition status and care
Kirsty Rutledge and Ian Nesbitt

Chapter 9 Continuous renal replacement therapies: assessment, monitoring and care
Annette Richardson and Jayne Whatmore

Chapter 10 Assessment and monitoring of analgesia, sedation, delirium and neuromuscular blockade levels and care
Phil Laws and Nicola Rudall

Chapter 11 Assessment and monitoring of neurological status
Margaret A. Douglas and Sarah E.C. Platt

Chapter 12 Assessment and care of tissue viability, and mouth and eye hygiene needs
Philip Woodrow, Judy Elliott and Pauline Beldon

Chapter 13 Assessment of sleep and sleep promotion
Annette Richardson, Micheala Allsop and Elaine Coghill

Chapter 14 Physical mobility and exercise interventions for critically ill patients
D.J. McWilliams and Amanda Thomas

Chapter 15 Transfer of the critically ill patient
Andrew Baker and Simon M. Whiteley

Chapter 16 Rehabilitation from critical illness
Catherine I. Plowright and Christina Jones

Chapter 17 Withdrawal of treatment and end of life care for the critically ill patient
Natalie A. Pattison

Chapter 18 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Jackie S. Younker and Jasmeet Soar

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Author Information

Sue Cottle is a Consultant Nurse in Critical Care Services.
Ruth Towell is a Practice Development Facilitator.
Jane Mallett is Head of Nursing Research, Education and Practice.
Dr. Ian White is an Intensivist in Critical.

The authorship includes senior doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who are expert in a wide range of related clinical fields.

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The Wiley Advantage

* Provides essential evidence-based procedures for all critical care practitioners
* Includes a robust competency framework that can be used by all disciplines
* Underpins best practice by drawing on the best available evidence
* Follows a systematic approach to providing care.
* Facilitates the development of critical care knowledge and skills
* Provides benchmarks to help assess and develop clinical practice
* Indicates areas where specialist training is needed
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