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OS X Mountain Lion Bible

ISBN: 978-1-118-49989-4
864 pages
August 2012
OS X Mountain Lion Bible (1118499891) cover image

The complete guide to Mac OS X, fully updated for the newest release!

The Mac's solid, powerful operating system and the exploding popularity of iOS devices are fueling a strong increase in market share for Apple. Previous editions of this book have sold more than 75,000 copies, and this new edition is fully updated with all the exciting features of OS X Mountain Lion, including Game Center, Messages, and Notifications. Written by industry expert Galen Gruman, it covers all the basics and then delves deep into professional and higher-end topics, making it the one book you need to succeed with Mac OS X.

  • Mac sales are booming, and those who are just getting started with a Mac need the detailed coverage in this guide
  • Includes tips, tricks, and advanced information for those ready to step up to the next level with their Macs
  • With both basic coverage and more in-depth explorations of professional and advanced features, this book is ideal for both Mac newcomers and veterans who want to master all the functionality of the new system

Mac OS X Bible is the comprehensive resource on using the newest version of Mac OS X and taking full advantage of its power.

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Part I: Getting Started with OS X 108 Mountain Lion  1

Chapter 1: Getting Your Mac Up and Running  3

Chapter 2: Discovering the Finder  15

Chapter 3: Using the Finder  57

Chapter 4: Working with Windows, Folders, and Files  87

Chapter 5: Searching with Spotlight 115

Chapter 6: Getting Help within OS X 127

Part II: Using Applications   137

Chapter 7: Working with Applications 139

Chapter 8: Working with Documents 163

Chapter 9: Working with OS X’s Own Applications 187

Chapter 10: Working with OS X’s Own Utilities 205

Chapter 11: Working with the Dashboard Widgets 217

Chapter 12: Working with Notifications and Other Services 225

Chapter 13: Enhancing OS X with Utilities 239

Chapter 14: Using AppleScript and Automator 249

Part III: Working with Music and Videos          279

Chapter 15: Playing Music and Videos 281

Chapter 16: Using QuickTime Player 301

Part IV: Using the Internet and Collaboration Services                 307

Chapter 17: Using Safari to Surf the Web 309

Chapter 18: Using Apple Mail 333

Chapter 19: Messaging and Videocalling 373

Chapter 20: Managing Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, and Notes 387

Chapter 21: Working with Microsoft Exchange 411

Chapter 22: Syncing Macs and iOS Devices 421

Chapter 23: Sharing with Others 435

Part V: Securing Your Mac and Your Users        453

Chapter 24: Securing Your Mac455

Chapter 25: Managing User Accounts 481

Chapter 26: Using Parental Controls 493

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Galen Gruman is principal at The Zango Group, an editorial and thought leadership consulting firm. He is also Executive Editor at InfoWorld and author of more than two dozen books on Mac OS X, iPad, and desktop publishing. He has been editor of Macworld, M-Business, and Upside.

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