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Stop Playing Safe: Rethink Risk, Unlock the Power of Courage, Achieve Outstanding Success

ISBN: 978-1-118-50558-8
272 pages
March 2013, Wrightbooks
Stop Playing Safe: Rethink Risk, Unlock the Power of Courage, Achieve Outstanding Success (1118505581) cover image


Tap the power of courage and achieve greater clarity, confidence, and satisfaction in your work and life

Tap in to the inspirational motivation of best-selling author, life coach and media personality, Margie Warrell. Stop Playing Safe is a call to action for anyone who has ever felt that their work was not revealing their true potential for personal progression and career development. It will give you the conviction and courage to become bolder in your career, to perform better and enjoy your work more.

Margie points out that ‘fear’ seems to be our new state of ‘normal’ as we deal with economic uncertainty, job insecurity and constant change management in the workplace. In times like these, all our instincts tell us to play safe and avoid risk. Yet courage and bold action are the keys to reaping the rewards of exceptional success in your career.

Supported by case studies, insights and advice from a range of high-profile Australian and international entrepreneurs, Stop Playing Safe shares tactics you can put into practice to achieve personal fulfilment and professional success. It will help you clarify your career purpose and maximise your work value. It offers solutions for dealing with change management and will encourage you to pursue your career goals with renewed vigour and empowerment.

  • Margie Warrell grew up on a dairy farm in rural Australia and has lived in the US
  • She is the best-selling author of Find Your Courage and CEO of Global Courage 
  • Her clients include the United Nations Foundation, NASA, Ernst & Young, Bechtel, Best Buy, Accenture, AOL, Covidien, ADT, United Healthcare, and ExxonMobil

You will keep coming back to this book as you move forward in your career, using it as a ready reference to progress through each stage and tackle each new challenge.

"Adapting to change an taking chances are critical to your success. This book will help you with both. Get it, read it, enjoy the results." – Jon Gordon, author of The Energy Bus and The Seed.

“Stop Playing Safe will help you harness the courage to take the risks that make sense-­and give you the success you want." - Randy Gage, Author of Risky Is the New Safe

“Practical, powerful, and inspiring. In uncertain times, it's a guide­book you can't afford not to read as it spells out exactly how to handle your challenges and find the confidence to speak up, adapt and get ahead in the new economy. Everyone in your company should read it!" - Suzi Pomerantz, author, Master coach, and CEO of Innovative Leadership International.

“Stop Playing Safe is one of those rare books that is at once original, inspirational, and above all, useful.” - Bill Treasurer, President of Giant Leap Consulting and author, Courage Goes to Work.

"Stop Playing Safe provides a roadmap to navigate uncertainty and find the courage to create meaningful changes in your workplace, career and life." - Rebecca Heino, Professor of Management, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

“Margie Warrell provides powerful and practical advice for overcoming our innate fear of risk and vulnerability. It bears reading and re-reading for all who strive to become their best selves." - Dr Gordon Livingston, Author of Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

"Margie is a true expert on the science of success. Her new book is both inspiring and practical. It's a powerful manual for creating the life of your dreams.” - Siimon Reynolds, author of Why People Fail

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Table of Contents

About the author vii

Acknowledgements ix

Introduction xi

Part I Core Courage 1

1 Know your why 3

2 Rethink risk, commit to courage 29

3 Align bold action with right action 59

Part II Working Courage 79

4 Speak candidly, listen bravely 81

5 Learn, unlearn and relearn 115

6 Seize opportunity from your adversity 149

7 Lead authentically, cultivate courage 183

Part III Take Courage 221

8 Trust yourself — take action! 223

Appendix: The Courage Key 240

Index 243

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Author Information

MARGIE WARRELL is a Forbes columnist, best-selling author, sought-after media commentator and an internationally recognised thought leader in human potential. With her background in coaching, psychology and working with Fortune 500 companies, Margie supports individuals and organisations globally to live and lead more courageously and achieve outstanding success.

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Press Release

February 08, 2013
Stop Playing Safe: Rethink Risk. Unlock the Power of Courage. Achieve Outstanding Success.

In a world with increasing uncertainty and competitive pressure, the key to greater success is honing your ability to assess risk so you can take the bold actions to get ahead, adapt to change and seize the opportunity within it.  What could you achieve if you were more courageous in your career?

According to author, Forbes columnist, and master coach Margie Warrell, we are all hard-wired toward caution, yet our unwillingness to take risks can be detrimental to our careers, success and fulfilment.

In today’s culture of fear, our inclination to “play safe” is stronger than ever. Yet it’s those who are decisive amidst ambiguity and ready to take risks who will differentiate themselves in a competitive market, build influence, get ahead faster and enjoy more success.  As Margie Warrell says in her book, “Playing safe can be highly risky. To achieve outstanding success you must first be willing to stand out.”

Stop Playing Safe draws on the latest neuro-research while sharing remarkable stories of courage and success from some of Australia and America’s most well-known business people, including: recently awarded Australian of the Year, Ita Buttrose, former Qantas CEO James Strong, sportswear designer Lorna Jane as well as Americans Lori Garver, Deputy Director of NASA, and Kathy Calvin, CEO of the UN Foundation to name just a few.

Written for those who aspire to enjoy a more rewarding career and be more rewarded by it, Stop Playing Safe will help you discover a deeper purpose in your work, find the courage to take on bigger challenges, and your resilience to bounce back when things don’t go to plan. This bookwill show you how to:

  • Navigate uncertainty, be proactive in the face of change, and find greater opportunity within it
  • Create ‘resilience rituals’ to bounce back from setbacks and handle difficult situations (and people!)
  • Overcome fear of failure to stop procrastination, make changes and take on more ambitious goals (ie. Practice “Tall Poppy Courage”)
  • Handle conflict and speak up with more confidence, however sensitive the issue (including why we shouldn’t hide behind technology to communicate well in the digital age)
  • Build influence and create a culture of courage in your team or business that fosters innovation and bottom-line outcome“

“What got you to where you are today will not be enough to take you to where you want to be in 10 years from now - the world is changing and you must adapt and change the way you engage with it. Your future potential will only be reached by taking smarter risks, searching for the opportunity in a fast changing world and having the courage to seize it”, said Margie Warrell.

Stop Playing Safe provides a practical and inspirational road map to show you how to tap the power of courage and achieve greater clarity, confidence, and satisfaction in your work and life.

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Katie Elliott – Publicist (T) 03 9274 3225 (E) kelliott@wiley.com

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