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Winning Strategies: Secrets to Clinching Multimillion-Dollar Deals

ISBN: 978-1-118-58059-2
200 pages
November 2012
Winning Strategies: Secrets to Clinching Multimillion-Dollar Deals (1118580591) cover image


This is the only book that we know of, that focuses on the end-to-end IT services and outsourcing life cycle. The target audience is anybody that wants to know about the IT services business. The book is a complete seller's and buyer's guide for today's market. Sellers will learn how to do analysis on the target market, form the right bid team, partner with relevant influencers and create unique go to market strategies for finding qualified IT services and outsourcing deals. Both buyers and sellers will learn how to define appropriate engagement models, create pricing and financial structures, form well defined contracts, negotiate effectively, institute transition best practices and govern the entire program with success. As a testament for its quality, this book is endorsed via back cover blurbs, advanced praise and foreword by top leaders of major IT services organization like NASSCOM, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), Outsourcing Institute (OI); executives of top IT services companies like Perot Systems, CSC and others; and analysts from major advisory firms like Black Book of Outsourcing and Ovum Consulting. Packed with witty anecdotes, insights and lessons for the practitioner from the authors’ own and other experts’ experience and stellar trade performance, Dutta and Folden’s work is a vital read for customers, vendors, advisors and anyone involved in today’s complex IT services and outsourcing deals.
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Table of Contents




Section I: Creating the Foundation for Winning Deals.

Chapter 1. What's the Big Deal? A Primer on Strategic Deals.

Chapter 2. Getting the Right People Ready to Win Large Deals: Introducing Some Essential Concepts of the Human Element of Management.

Section II: Finding Deals.

Chapter 3. Finding Big Deals: Strategies to Discover High-Value Deals.

Chapter 4. Winning Deals Through Third-Party Advisors: The Art of People Doing Business with People.

Section III: Doing Deals.

Chapter 5. Leading from the Rear: Influence Events and Lead the Deal.

Chapter 6. Structuring Deals Right: The Art of Pricing.

Chapter 7. Advanced Deal Structuring: Creating Innovative Engagement Models and Being Customer Financiers.

Chapter 8. Doing Contracts Right: Creating the Foundation of a Successful Marriage.

Chapter 9. Closing Big Deals: It's Commercial Negotiation, Baby!

Chapter 10. Case Study: A real-Life Example of a Service Provider Pursuing Strategic Deals.

Section IV: Managing Deals.

Chapter 11. Managing Transitions and Change: The Stepping Stones for Delivering Service.

Chapter 12. Managing Integrated Programs: A Practical Take On Service Delivery Governance.

Epilogue: Some Parting Thoughts.


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Author Information

Anirban Dutta, a director at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), has a proven track record of leading successful business development, negotiation, operations, and service delivery teams in the infrastructure, BPO, and IT application development space. Prior to CSC, he held leadership positions at Satyam Computer Services, IBM and Sprint. Anirban has helped close several big, globally deployed outsourcing deals; each with a total contract value in excess of US$50 million. He has also structured corporate turnaround initiatives to revitalize ailing businesses. Anirban is a former member of the Indian Junior tennis team and he lives in Dallas with his wife, boy and girl twins, and two fat dogs.

Hetzel W. Folden is a vice president at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), where he is chartered to lead a globally deployed deal pursuit team. In his prior job as founder and head of the Strategic Deals Group (SDG) at Satyam, he led a team that supported the organization’s significant growth in reaching US$1 billion in annual revenue in 2006 and rocketing past US$2 billion in 2008. He graduated with distinction from General Motors Institute and earned an MBA from Indiana University’s Executive Program. He lives in a house full of pets in Southern California with his wife of 25 years.

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The mega-deal is the holy grail of the IT industry, the engine that drives the outsourcing industry. Anirban and Hetzel, veterans of such deals, have in this book laid bare the secrets of the trade. With their experience and an ability to distill the essence of the process, they have captured the key elements of deal making.
-- Kiran Karnik, Former President, National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM)

Winning strategic deals requires world-class application of pursuit management, sales engineering and program delivery. Anirban and Hetzel take us through the entire deal-making process that needs to be worked in sync in order to win strategic outsourcing deals.
-- Michael F. Corbett, Chairman, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP)

Our global networked economy makes formation and management of outsourced relationships not only complex but increasingly critical as a business competency. It requires distinctive skills, a new brand of collaborative leadership, shared tools and systems, and readiness to learn. This book is part of that learning experience.
-- Tim Cummins, President and CEO, International Association for Contracts and Commercial Management

Hetzel and Anirban share their quick wit and remarkable insights as pioneers in our industry. Their gift for blending the art and the craft of deal making in a pragmatic and enjoyable read will provide inspiration and insight to generations of future deal makers to come.
-- Russ Owen, President of Managed Services Sector, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

Reading this book won’t turn an average salesperson into an elephant hunter, but it will give a lot of solid advice on how to chase the elusive big game deals.
-- David Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Ovum Consulting

This book acts as both roadmap and guide for those seeking to sell large outsourcing deals. It’s a must-read for serious players in this space.
-- Frank Casale, Founder and CEO, Outsourcing Institute
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