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Intellectual Disability Psychiatry: A Practical Handbook

ISBN: 978-1-118-70985-6
288 pages
March 2013
Intellectual Disability Psychiatry: A Practical Handbook (1118709853) cover image


Intellectual Disability Psychiatry is a comprehensive and accessible guide to the management of mental health problems in people with intellectual disabilities.  A clear and user-friendly handbook, it will help busy healthcare professionals develop their understanding of the mental health problems of service users with intellectual disabilities.  Most importantly, it will help them make an accurate diagnostic assessment and develop and implement an holistic, person-centred, evidence-based management plan.

Topics covered include the classification of mental disorders in intellectual disability, the clinical assessment of specific disorders, psychological, psychopharmacological and social interventions, and the practical, legal, and social aspects of supporting service users with intellectual disability who have mental health problems.

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Table of Contents



Tony Holland

1 Introduction

Angela Hassiotis, Diana Andrea Barron and Ian Hall

2 Effective Communication

Diana Andrea Barron and Emma Winn

3 Clinical Assessment

Neill Simpson

4 Assessing Mental Capacity and Making Best Interest Decisions

Ian Hall and Afia Ali

5 Common Mental Disorders (Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD)

Elspeth Bradley, Rebecca Goody, Shirley McMillan and Andrew Levitas

6 Psychotic Illness

Angela Hassiotis and Amanda Sinai

7 Mental Health Aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Peter Carpenter

8 Substance Misuse

Helen Miller and Emma Whicher

9 Challenging Behaviour

David Smith and William Howie

10 Interaction between Mental and Physical Health

Michael Kerr and Basil Cardoza

11 Mental Health of Older People

Andre Strydom and Jennifer Torr

12 Management of Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities

Evan Yacoub and Ian Hall

13 Mental Health Crises

Deirdre O’Brady

14 Pharmacological Interventions

Shoumitro Deb

15 Psychological Interventions

Katrina Scior

16 Community Care

Philip Dodd and Patricia Noonan Walsh

Appendix A Critique of the ICD 10 and DSM IV based

Classification of Mental Disorders in Intellectual


Anna Cooper and Angela Hassiotis

Appendix B A to Z of Disciplines That May Contribute to the Multi- and Interdisciplinary Work as Applied to Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Elspeth Bradley, Rebecca Goody and Shirley McMillan


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Author Information

Dr Angela Hassiotis is senior lecturer at the Department of Mental Health Sciences, Royal Free & University College Medical School, London.  She is also an elected member of the Faculty of Learning Disability Psychiatry Executive, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK, and  co-chair of the Special Interest Research Group Challenging Behaviour/Mental Health, International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities (IASSID)   

Dr Diana Andrea Barron is clinical research fellow at UCL,Department of Mental Health Sciences.

Dr Ian Hall is honorary senior lecturer, UCL Dept of Mental Health Sciences, and also works for the Community Learning Disability Service of the East London NHS Foundation Trust.


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“This book is not, and does not, claim to be a scholarly treatise, but it will be useful to many service providers interested in improving their clinical skills in the area of ID.”  (Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, 1 December 2012)

"I enjoyed reading this book. The book is a useful guide for all professionals working with people with ID, and is likely to be particularly valuable for psychiatric trainees attempting to pass examinations such as the membership examination of the Royal College of Psychiatrists." (Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 2010)
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