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The Retargeting Playbook: How to Turn Web-Window Shoppers into Customers

ISBN: 978-1-118-83264-6
192 pages
March 2014
The Retargeting Playbook: How to Turn Web-Window Shoppers into Customers (1118832647) cover image


How to reach the 98 percent of people who leave your website without converting sales

The Retargeting Playbook is a complete guide for digital marketers about how to reach the 95 to 98 percent of people who leave a brand's website without converting. Retargeting gives advertisers the ability to stay in front of those people to bring them back and close the deal. For that reason, retargeting has emerged as a must have marketing channel, yet there is a lack of content that explains how the technology actually works and best practices for using it. Even marketing managers at large, sophisticated brands and agencies don’t have a strong grasp of this evolving channel, and there are few good neutral sources on the topic. Meanwhile, retargeting is the cornerstone of any holistic digital advertising strategy since it improves the results of every other channel if implemented correctly. Unfortunately, most marketers are only utilizing the most rudimentary retargeting tactics and barely scratch the surface of its potential.

  • Explains how to stay in front of potential customers and convince them to come back and close the deal

This book will be required reading for media buyers at digital agencies, in-house marketing managers at companies in any vertical, performance marketers, and ecommerce managers.

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

1 Why We’re Writing This Book 1

2 The Evolution of Display Advertising 11

3 Getting Started: Who Should Use Retargeting and for What 21

4 Smart Targeting: Reach the Right People at the Right Time 39

5 Taking Your Retargeting to the Next Level: Optimization Strategies that Work 51

6 Creative Best Practices 61

7 Advanced Retargeting Strategies 77

8 Introduction to Measurement and Attribution 93

9 Business Model Evolution 105

10 Retargeting Meets Social Media: The Facebook Exchange 113

11 Mobile Retargeting: Opportunities and Challenges 127

12 Aligning your E-mail and Retargeting Strategies 141

13 Privacy Matters: Providing Transparency and Control 149

14 Conclusion: A Look to the Future 157

Glossary 163

Index 165 

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Author Information

ADAM BERKE (@adamberke) is an online advertising industry expert and President of AdRoll. He is part of AdRoll’s founding team and is passionate about performance, advertising, and marketing analytics. Adam is a guest author for ClickZ and AdExchanger, as well as a frequent speaker at industry events such as SES, SMX, OMMA, South by Southwest and ad:tech. Prior to AdRoll, Adam helped to launch the CPL network at Aptimus, a publicly-traded ad network acquired by the Apollo Group. Outside of work, Adam is an avid surfer, kiteboarder, and barefoot runner. He lives in San Francisco.

GREGORY FULTON (@gregfulton) creates cutting-edge display products that are simple, scalable and effective as AdRoll’s Head of Product. During AdRoll’s earlier days, Greg was tasked with building an advertising operations department able to service thousands of advertisers. In doing so, he gained intimate knowledge about what truly successful retargeting campaigns can do for clients. Prior to AdRoll, Greg managed marketing communications at TechTribe, a career networking portal. Greg lives in San Francisco and has three passions outside of online advertising: surfing, mountain biking, and skiing.

LAUREN VACCARELLO (@laurenv) is a digital marketing thought leader, author, and AdRoll’s Vice President of Marketing. Well-versed in running both online and offline marketing campaigns, Lauren also coauthored the highly-regarded book Complete B2B Online Marketing. Prior to AdRoll, Lauren led online marketing at Salesforce, the market and technology leader in enterprise cloud computing. She was a member of the Google Tech Advisory Council and is a popular speaker at industry events such as ad:tech, South by Southwest, ClickZ Live, eMetrics and the Online Marketing Summit. She lives in San Francisco and enjoys boxing, pilates, and swordfighting.

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Press Release

March 14, 2014
How to Turn Web-Window Shoppers into Customers

Getting customers to a company website is only half the battle. The question is, are they converting? In The Retargeting Playbook: How to Turn Web-Window Shoppers into Customers, industry thought leaders Adam Berke, Greg Fulton, and Lauren Vaccarello discuss how retargeting (or remarketing as it is sometimes called) can be used to increase conversions and win customers that would have otherwise been lost.

Many people visit a website but only comparison shop or get distracted instead of buying. Advertisers can gauge buying intent from the visit, but can they use that information in an intelligent way to increase the likelihood of a conversion? By learning the technology of retargeting and the best practices for using this marketing strategy, advertisers can bring these people back and close the deal.

Based on hundreds of thousands of retargeting campaigns across all industry vehicles, The Retargeting Playbook pulls together real-world case studies from leading brands to discuss proper use of the technology and make it accessible to marketers at companies of all sizes. It is more than just showing ads to people who have already visited your website; it is using the right skills and knowledge to unlock the opportunities that make retargeting an effective marketing practice. Retargeting is the cornerstone of any holistic digital advertising strategy.

Historically only available to large brands and agencies, retargeting can improve the results of every other marketing channel if it is implemented correctly. But marketers who currently use it are often employing rudimentary tactics that barely scratch the surface of its potential. Berke, Fulton, and Vaccarello want to share the retargeting secrets that have been locked up for years with technology vendors and a few savvy ad agencies.

Built on decades of experience, The Retargeting Playbook is the only neutral, authoritative resource on the market to explain how retargeting technology works and how to properly use it to positively impact your bottom line.

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