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Gamechangers: Creating Innovative Strategies for Business and Brands; New Approaches to Strategy, Innovation and Marketing

ISBN: 978-1-118-95697-7
314 pages
January 2015
Gamechangers: Creating Innovative Strategies for Business and Brands; New Approaches to Strategy, Innovation and Marketing (1118956974) cover image


Shake up and redefine the market by changing your game!

A new generation of businesses is rising out of the maelstrom of economic and technological change across our world. These companies are shaking up the world. In Gamechangers Peter Fisk has sought out the brands and businesses, large and small, from every continent, who are changing the game… and shows how we can learn the best new approaches to strategy and leadership, innovation and marketing from them.

‘Gamechangers’ are disruptive and innovative, they are more ambitious, with stretching vision and enlightened purpose. They find their own space, then shape it in their own vision. Most of all they have great ideas. They outthink their competition, thinking bigger and different. They don’t believe in being slightly cheaper or slightly better. Why be 10% better, when you could be 10 times better?

Gamechangers is built around 10 themes that are shaping the future of business, brought to life with 100 case studies from across the world, and 16 practical canvases to make the best ideas happen in your business. The book is supported by a range of seminars, workshops and digital resources.

Gamechangers offers guidance on:

  • Thinking smarter and acting faster
  • Embracing the new tricks of business
  • Understanding how gamechangers dream and disrupt
  • Delivering practical results and winning
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Table of Contents


Are you ready to change the world? 1

PART 1 Are You Ready? 8

1. Play 11

2. Change 21

3. Win 29

PART 2 Change the Game 36

4. Think 39

5. Explore 53

6. Disrupt 67

7. Inspire 81

8. Design 97

9. Resonate 111

10. Enable 121

11. Mobilize 129

12. Impact 139

13. Amplify 151

PART 3 The Gamechangers 166

14. Futurestore 173

15. Futurebank 185

16. Futurehealth 197

17. Futuregadget 209

18. Futuremedia 219

19. Futurefashion 229

20. Futuretravel 239

21. Futurefood 249

22. Futuretech 259

23. Futuremakers 271

PART 4 Gamechanger Labs 280

Future Lab 282

Creative Lab 286

Brand Lab 290

Performance Lab 294


Doing More 298

The Author 299

The Book 300

What’s New? 300

What’s More? 300

What’s Next? 301

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“Gamechangers takes you into the mindset of those who shift the parameters and make vital changes in the markets. By taking a look at what makes them innovative and inspirational, you can make your own mark and become a Gamechanger yourself” (Talk Business, February 2015)

“This book is called Gamechangers for a reason: it's utterly inspirational and is guaranteed to change the way you view your business and brand.” (B2B Marketing, March 2015)

“a wealth of knowledge, insight and evidence to learn from” (The Marketing Society, April 2015)

“Produced in wide format and attractively illustrated, Fisk’s book is a richly researched work on this interesting subject, well thought out and highly engaging.” (The Irish Times, May 2015)

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Press Release

January 07, 2015
Gamechangers: Creating innovative strategies for business and brands

‘Gamechangers’ are the next generation of brands and businesses who are shaking up the market and redefining it in their own vision. They win through ambition and innovation, out-thinking the competition, focusing on growth markets, embracing technology, creating inspiring brands and caring about their impact on people and the world. 

Gamechangers:  Creating innovative strategies for business and brands is written for experienced managers and brand, marketing and innovation teams. It profiles over 100 peer-nominated businesses that are changing the game, providing readers with case studies from sectors as diverse as Health, Media, Technology and Retail. From these, readers can learn about the best new approaches to strategy, leadership, innovation and marketing.

This highly visual handbook shows readers how to generate the innovative ideas that set gamechangers apart and includes guidance to implement these concepts in their own business.  For start-ups and corporates in every sector, Gamechangers will help them think smarter, act faster, disrupt and win.

Fisk is a bestselling author, inspirational keynote speaker and has 25 years’ experience as an expert consultant helping business leaders to develop innovative strategies for business and brands. He is available for interview, comment or by-lined articles on a number of related topics, including:

  • 15 Brands to change the world in 2015 -drawing on case studies from the book including Jack Ma (Alibaba), the Chinese school teacher who created the world’s largest B2B trading platform and Stefan Klein (Aeromobil) who’s incredible flying car is now in production.
  • 15 Trends to change the world in 2015 –drawing on major trends featured in the book, this could focus on a number of topics, including: Smart Living (how our lives are increasingly optimized by technology), Empowered Women (how female disposable income will grow faster than China and India combined) and Doing Good (business models that use the power of brands and consumerism to do good in an enlightened way to save the world).   
  • 10 Themes shaping the future of business – including how to think bigger, find your space, create a better life and innovate your business.

′Zig when others zag is the only way to win in today′s rapidly changing world. There′s inspiration and learning aplenty in Gamechangers. This book will change your world and help you become a creative leader. Read and win!′

-Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi

Gamechangers: Creating innovative strategies for business and brandsby Peter Fisk was published by Wiley in January, priced £24.99.


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