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Getting a Web Development Job For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-96776-8
312 pages
January 2015
Getting a Web Development Job For Dummies (1118967763) cover image


Craving a career in web dev? Chart your path with this helpful guide

Getting a Web Development Job For Dummies provides a roadmap to one of the "hot jobs" in the booming world of tech. The web development field is large, and it encompasses many actual functions. This book helps you understand the web development career opportunities and determine the path you should take, based on your own personal needs and preferences, to launch your career. You'll learn about various career options, the skills you'll need to become an attractive candidate, how to go about learning the ropes, and proving your abilities to a potential employer or client. With so many possible goals and no one right way to get there, this book cuts through the confusion to put you on the path to a career you want.

The web development industry is expected to grow for the foreseeable future, and there is already a shortage of trained workers to fill the jobs. Whether you lean technical or aesthetic, you can find your place in the industry with right skills—both hard and soft—and with the right plan. Getting a Web Development Job For Dummies is your guide to formulating that plan and getting started right.

  • Find formal or informal ways to build the tech skills you'll need
  • Discover where you fit, whether as a freelancer or within an organization
  • Learn how to build a resume, develop a portfolio, and impress interviewers
  • Get expert tips on finding resources, building a reputation, and more

If your pet peeves include malfunctioning forms, flashing banners, and sites that take way too long to load, the web development world needs you. But before you begin your journey, you need a destination and a route in mind. Getting a Web Development Job For Dummies is your roadmap, so you can set out today.

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part I: Getting a Job in Web Development 7

Chapter 1: Seeing the Big Picture of Web Development Jobs 9

Chapter 2: Exploring Web Development Career Paths 27

Chapter 3: Understanding Where Web Designers Work 39

Chapter 4: Seeing Yourself in a Web Development Job 53

Part II: Core Technologies for Web Development 73

Chapter 5: Charting Your Path in Web Development 75

Chapter 6: Discovering the Technology behind the Internet 85

Chapter 7: Introducing Web History 97

Chapter 8: Introducing HTML 107

Chapter 9: Understanding CSS and JavaScript 119

Chapter 10: Tracing the Web Development Life Cycle 133

Chapter 11: Implementing and Shipping a Site 145

Part III: Getting Your Education 161

Chapter 12: Getting an Education for Web Development 163

Chapter 13: Exploring Certificate Programs and Advanced Degrees 173

Chapter 14: Knowing Web Graphics Tools 189

Part IV: Charting Your Career Path 203

Chapter 15: Using Dreamweaver and WordPress for Your Sites 205

Chapter 16: Building a Competitive Portfolio Site 217

Chapter 17: Getting the Interview 231

Chapter 18: Getting and Doing the Job 243

Part V: The Part of Tens 257

Chapter 19: Ten Frequently Asked Questions in Web-Developer Interviews 259

Chapter 20: Ten Interesting Job Search Websites for Web Developers 271

Chapter 21: Ten Red-Hot Roles for Web Developers 275

Index 281

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Author Information

Kathleen Taylor is a Silicon Valley-based recruiter and principal of Taylor Executive Search. Her work focuses on finding and recruiting talent for software-as-a-service, digital media, and other tech companies, including startups.

Bud E. Smith has written all editions of Creating Web Pages For Dummies.

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Press Release

January 21, 2015
Getting a Web Development Job

Learn how to prepare for your next big job interview with quick tips on using body language to indicate self-confidence and interest.

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