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Lifetimes and Compatibility of Synthetic Polymers

ISBN: 978-1-119-03852-8
400 pages
February 2018
Lifetimes and Compatibility of Synthetic Polymers (1119038529) cover image


Why is a polymeric material stable for 50 years in one setting, yet degrades to failure in less than 5 - in the presence of another seemingly innocuous material?

In this volume the expert contributors address a relevant, yet overlooked area of polymer degradation science – the study of the stability, lifetimes and performance of polymeric materials in relation to each other and their environment. The importance of understanding underlying mechanisms of interaction as well as the choice of the correct methodological approaches is emphasized and real world applications are discussed.

  • An in-depth overview of polymer materials compatibility, defined as the study of the influence of other materials on the lifetimes and performance of synthetic polymers
  • Contributions from a diverse group of experts, from military/aerospace to biomedical
  • Unique historical insights into a practically important, yet little compiled field of polymer science
The first unified attempt to collectively bound and define this area of polymer degradation science within a volume
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