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Workplace Wellness that Works: 10 Steps to Infuse Well-Being and Vitality into Any Organization

ISBN: 978-1-119-05591-4
352 pages
June 2015
Workplace Wellness that Works: 10 Steps to Infuse Well-Being and Vitality into Any Organization (1119055911) cover image


A smarter framework for designing more effective workplace wellness programs

Workplace Wellness That Works provides a fresh perspective on how to promote employee well-being in the workplace. In addressing the interconnectivity between wellness and organizational culture, this book shows you how to integrate wellness into your existing employee development strategy in more creative, humane, and effective ways. Based on the latest research and backed by real-world examples and case studies, this guide provides employers with the tools they need to start making a difference in their employees' health and happiness, and promoting an overall culture of well-being throughout the organization. You'll find concrete, actionable advice for tackling the massive obstacle of behavioral change, and learn how to design and implement an approach that can most benefit your organization.

Promoting wellness is a good idea. Giving employees the inspiration and tools they need to make changes in their lifestyles is a great idea. But the billion-dollar question is: what do they want, what do they need, and how do we implement programs to help them without causing more harm than good? Workplace Wellness That Works shows you how to assess your organization's needs and craft a plan that actually benefits employees.

  • Build an effective platform for well-being
  • Empower employees to make better choices
  • Design and deliver the strategy that your organization needs
  • Drive quantifiable change through more creative implementation

Today's worksite wellness industry represents a miasma of competing trends, making it nearly impossible to come away with tangible solutions for real-world implementation. Harnessing a broader learning and development framework, Workplace Wellness That Works skips the fads and shows you how to design a smarter strategy that truly makes a difference in employees' lives—and your company's bottom line.

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Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction An Overview of Workplace Wellness xv


Step 1 Shift Your Mind-Set from Expert to Agent of Change 3

(The Changemaker Imperative)

Step 2 Imagine What’s Possible 27

(The Imagination Imperative)

Step 3 Uncover the Hidden Factors 57

(The Culture Imperative)

Step 4 Start with What’s Right 85

(The Optimism Imperative)


Step 5 Take a da Vinci Approach to Change 105

(The Interdisciplinary Imperative)

Step 6 Go Stealth 133

(The “Sneakiness” Imperative)


Step 7 Create Meaning 159

(The Engagement Imperative)

Step 8 Design Nudges and Cues 191

(The “Make It Easy” and “Make It Normal” Imperative)

Step 9 Launch and Iterate 215

(The Experimentation Imperative)

Step 10 Go Global 245

(The International Imperative)

Pull It All Together 269

About the Author 275

Notes 277

Index 299

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Author Information

LAURA PUTNAM is founder and CEO of Motion Infusion, a well-being consulting firm that provides creative solutions in the areas of engagement, behavior change, and human performance improvement. She has worked with a range of organizations from Fortune 500s to government agencies to academic institutions and nonprofits. She also serves as the Chair of the American Heart Association's Greater Bay Area 2020 Task Force.

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