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Quality of Service in Optical Packet Switched Networks

ISBN: 978-1-119-05685-0
452 pages
February 2015, Wiley-IEEE Press
Quality of Service in Optical Packet Switched Networks (1119056853) cover image


This book is a comprehensive study on OPS networks, its architectures, and developed techniques for improving its quality of switching and managing quality of service.  The book includes:

  • Introduction to OPS networks, OOFDM networks, GMPLS-enabled optical networks, QoS in OPS networks
  • Hybrid contention avoidance/resolution schemes in both long-haul and metro optical networks
  • Hybrid optical switching schemes
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Table of Contents

List of Figures xix

List of Tables xxxv

Preface xxxvii

References xli

Acknowledgments xliii

Acronyms xlv

Glossary li

List of Symbols liii

1 Introduction to Optical Packet Switched (OPS) Networks 1

1.1 Optical Fiber Technology 1

1.2 Why Optical Networks? 5

1.3 Optical Networking Mechanisms 7

1.4 Overview of OPS Networking 19

1.5 Optical OFDM based Elastic Optical Networking (EON) 44

1.6 Summary 55

References 57

2 Contention Avoidance in OPS Networks 67

2.1 Software based Contention Avoidance Schemes 68

2.2 Hardware based Schemes 121

2.3 Formulation of Even Traffic Transmission in Slotted OPS 128

2.4 Summary 141

References 143

3 Contention Resolution in OPS Networks 149

3.1 Hardware based Contention Resolution Schemes 150

3.2 Software based Contention Resolution Schemes 204

3.3 Summary 224

References 225

4 Hybrid Contention Avoidance/Resolution in OPS Networks 233

4.1 Hybrid Contention Resolution Schemes 234

4.2 Hybrid Contention Resolution and Avoidance Schemes 244

4.3 Summary 283

References 285

5 Hybrid OPS Networks 289

5.1 Hybrid Asynchronous and Synchronous OPS Networks 290

5.2 Hybrid OPS and OCS Networks 291

5.3 Comparison of Hybrid OPS Schemes 310

5.4 Summary 311

References 313

6 Metro OPS Networks 317

6.1 OPS in Star Topology 317

6.2 OPS in Ring Topology 372

6.3 Summary 382

References 383


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Author Information

Akbar Ghaffarpour Rahbar is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Sahand University of Technology, Iran. Dr. Rahbar is also a Senior IEEE member and is currently on the Editorial Board of the Wiley Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies journal, and editor-in-chief of Journal of Nonlinear Systems in Electrical Engineering. He has written numerous book chapters and papers on the subject. His research interests are optical networks, IPTV, VANET, Traffic management in high speed networks, Network Modeling and Analysis & Performance Evaluation.
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