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The Chemistry of Metal Phenolates, Volume 2

ISBN: 978-1-119-08328-3
640 pages
January 2018
The Chemistry of Metal Phenolates, Volume 2 (1119083281) cover image


PATAI's Chemistry of Functional Groups publishes comprehensive reviews on all aspects of specific functional groups. Each volume contains outstanding surveys on theoretical and computational aspects, NMR, MS, other spectroscopic methods and analytical chemistry, structural aspects, thermochemistry, photochemistry, synthetic approaches and strategies, synthetic uses and applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biological, biochemical and environmental aspects. To date, over 140 volumes have been published in the series.
Metal phenolate chemistry provides synthetic routes to phenols and polyphenols (including calixarenes), which are important compound classes in biological processes such as ageing, signaling and cell repair. They are also increasingly used as scaffolds for pharmaceuticals, and as catalysts. The present volume extends and complements the previous volume, which was published in 2014.
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Author Information

Jacob Zabicky is an emeritus professor at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva, Israel. Earning his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry with Saul Patai in the 1950s, he has since worked and taught at many different institutions in Israel, the UK, Venezuela, Germany, Spain, South Africa, and the USA. Prof. Zabicky is currently a lecturer at the Jerusalem College of Engineering and a member of the steering committee for the Israeli Center for Powder Technology. He has edited volumes in the Patai Series since the 1970s, the most recent ones on the subjects of metal enolates and metal phenolates.
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