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Modern Methods For Quality Control and Improvement, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-119-08497-6
704 pages
December 2014, ©2015
Modern Methods For Quality Control and Improvement, 2nd Edition (1119084970) cover image


This is a revision of a classic! This text provides a single source for information on both the structure and management of quality systems and the use of statistics to control and improve quality. It incorporates an international flavor and a good balance of services and manufacturing coverage. The goal of the second edition remains the same as the first edition - to promote learning by means of practical, effective applications intended to develop, control, and improve quality systems and processes.
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Table of Contents

  1. History and Evolution of Quality Control and Assurance
  2. Quality and Quality Systems
  3. The ISO 9000 Quality System
  4. Total Quality Management
  5. Review of Fundamental Statistical Concepts
  6. Introduction to Control Charts
  7. Control Charts for Attributes
  8. Control Charts for Variables
  9. Special Control Charts
  10. Specification Limits, Tolerances, and Related Techniques
  11. Process Control and Improvement Techniques
  12. Industrial Experimentation
  13. Robust Design
  14. Reliability
  15. Acceptance Sampling for Attributes
  16. Attribute Sampling Tables
  17. Acceptance Sampling by Variables
  18. Special Attribute Sampling Procedures
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New to This Edition

  • New Chapter on ISO 9000, covering the history and application of the ISO 9000 family of standards. (Chapter 3)
  • New Chapter on the concept of Total Quality Management. The Six Sigma Approach is introduced. (Chapter 4)
  • More comprehensive coverage of Quality, Quality Systems, Quality Assurance, and Quality Management. (Chapter 2)
  • New Chapter on Robust Design. (Chapter 13)
  • Revised material on Process Capability. (Chapter 10)
  • Increased coverage of Design Reliability, including Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Also included is a summary of the body of knowledge for Reliability Engineering. (Chapter 14)
  • Latest Developments-Up-to-date coverage on Acceptance Sampling Systems for Attributes, inlcuding the ISO 2859 Family of Standards. (Chapter 16)
  • New coverage of Skip-Lot Sampling. (Chapter 18)
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Authoritative authors.
  • Integrates management and statistics to teach how to manage, control, and improve quality.
  • Wide selection of topics makes book appropriate for management and engineering courses.
  • Extensive examples from practice.
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