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Ureteric Stenting

Ravi Kulkarni (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-119-08568-3
320 pages
May 2017, Wiley-Blackwell
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The only book dedicated to this important area of urology, Ureteric Stenting comprehensively reviews the entire topic, providing highly specialized advice to enable outstanding clinical management of patients. All aspects of ureteric stenting are covered, from basic to complex, giving urologists, nephrologists and trainees an authoritative and up-to-date guide on best clinical practice.
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Table of Contents

List of Contributors vii

Foreword x

Preface xi

1 Anatomy of the Human Ureter 1

2 Anatomic Variations of the Ureter 10

3 The Pathophysiology of Upper Tract Obstruction 16

4 Physiology of the Human Ureter 29

5 Etiology of Ureteric Obstruction 48

6 The Role of the Interventional Radiologist in Managing Ureteric Obstruction 55

7 Emergency Management of Ureteric Obstruction 67

8 The History and Evolution of Ureteral Stents 75

9 Ureteral Stent Materials: Past, Present, and Future 83

10 Physical Characteristics of Stents 91

11 Coated and Drug -Eluting Stents 102

12 Coated and Drug -Eluting Ureteric Stents 110

13 Ureteric Stents: A Perspective from the Developing World 118

14 Ethical Issues in Ureteric Stenting 130

15 Equipment and Technical Considerations During Ureteric Stenting 136

16 Extra -Anatomic Stent Urinary Bypass 149

17 Detour Extra -Anatomical Ureteric Stent 161

18 Tandem Ureteral Stents 175

19 Biodegradable Ureteric Stents 182

20 Metallic Ureteric Stents 192

21 Removal of Ureteric Stents 203

22 Encrustation of Indwelling Urinary Devices 215

23 Stent Migration 227

24 Health -Related Quality of Life and Ureteric Stents 238

25 Evidence Base for Stenting 264

26 Robotic Ureteric Reconstruction 278

27 Indwelling Ureteric Stents – Health Economics Considerations 287

28 Ureteric Stents: The Future 296

Index 298

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Author Information

Edited by RAVI KULKARNI MS FRCS, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Ashford

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