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Forensic Psychology: Crime, Justice, Law, Interventions, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-119-10665-4
744 pages
August 2017, Wiley-Blackwell
Forensic Psychology: Crime, Justice, Law, Interventions, 3rd Edition (1119106656) cover image


Introduces forensic psychology to students and professionals who want to better understand psychology’s expanding influence on the study of law, crime and criminality

Forensic psychology is a constantly growing discipline, both in terms of student interest and as a profession for graduates. This book highlights the often sizeable gap between media myths surrounding forensic practice and reality. Editors Graham Davies and Anthony Beech present an exciting and broad range of topics within the field, including detailed treatments of the causes of crime, investigative methods, the trial process, and interventions with different types of offenders and offences.

Forensic Psychology: Crime, Justice, Law, Interventions, Third Edition covers every aspect of forensic psychology—from understanding criminal behaviour, to applying psychological theory to criminal investigation, analysing the legal process and the treatment of witnesses and offenders. Each chapter has been thoroughly revised and updated with the latest findings. The book also includes two entirely new chapters—one on psychopathy and crime, the other on female offenders. Drawing on a wealth of experience from leading researchers and practitioners, this new edition will interest and enthuse today’s generation of students.

  • All chapters thoroughly revised and updated
  • Features two brand new chapters
  • Supplemented by additional online resource materials, including related links, multiple choice questions, and PowerPoint slides
  • Authored by a wide-range of experienced forensic psychology professionals

Forensic Psychology, Third Edition is essential reading for undergraduates’ first encounter with the subject area and is an excellent introduction for more specialised postgraduate courses. 

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Table of Contents

Graham Davies, Anthony Beech and Clive Hollin

Part I The Causes of Crime

1. Psychological Approaches to Understanding Crime
Emma Palmer

2. Developmental and Psychological Theories of Offending
David P. Farrington and Maria M. Ttofi

3. Psychopathy
Steven M. Gillespie and Ian J. Mitchell

4. Understanding Risk factors for Offending: The Contributions of Neuroscience
Anthony Beech, Benjamin Nordstrom, Adrian Raine and Dawn Fisher

5. Effects of Interpersonal Crime on Victims
Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis and Emma Sleath


6. Eyewitness Evidence
Harriet M. J. Smith, Hannah Ryder and Heather D. Flowe

7. Interviewing Witnesses
Allison P. Mugno, Lindsay C. Malloy and David J. La Rooy

8. Interviewing Suspects
Erik Mac Giolla and Pär Anders Granhag

9. Detecting Deception
Pär Anders Granhag and Maria Hartwig

10. Offender Profiling and Crime Linkage
Jessica Woodhams and Matthew Tonkin

11. Interpersonal Violence and Stalking
Louise Dixon and Erica Bowen

12. Terrorism
Max Taylor


13. Judicial Processes
Jacqueline M. Wheatcroft

14. Safeguarding Vulnerable Witnesses
Graham Davies and Helen L. Westcott

15. Identifying Perpetrators.
Tim Valentine

16. The Role of the Expert Witness
Daniel T Wilcox and  Leam A. Craig


17. Crime and punishment: What Works?
James McGuire

18. Risk Assessment and General Offender Behaviour Programme Delivery
Ruth Hatcher

19. Treating Dangerous Offenders
Leigh Harkins, Jayson Ware and Ruth Mann

20. Interventions with Female Offenders
Franca Cortoni and Nathalie M. G. Fontaine

21. Interventions for Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities
William R. Lindsay, John, L. Taylor and Amanda M. Michie

22. Interventions with Mentally Disordered Offenders
Dawn Fisher, Michelle Ginty, & Jagjit Sandhu and Nuwan Galappathie

23. The Rehabilitation of Offenders: Good Lives and Risk Reduction
Tony Ward and Gwenda M. Willis



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Author Information

Graham M. Davies is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Leicester and an Honorary Professor of Forensic Psychology at the Universities of Birmingham and Coventry, UK. His research interests focus on the testimony of children and adults and the support of vulnerable witnesses at court, on which topics he has published 10 books and over 150 articles in scientific journals. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and was the recipient of the Senior Award from the British Psychological Society Division of Forensic Psychology for a significant lifetime contribution to Forensic Psychology in 2012.

Anthony R. Beech is an Emeritus Professor of Criminological Psychology at the University of Birmingham, UK. He has authored over 180 peer-reviewed articles, 50 book chapters and eight books in the area of forensic science/criminal justice. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and was the recipient of the Senior Award from the British Psychological Society Division of Forensic Psychology for a significant lifetime contribution to Forensic Psychology in 2009. He also received the Significant Achievement award from the US-based Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) in 2009.

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