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CompTIA Server+ Study Guide: Exam SK0-004

ISBN: 978-1-119-13782-5
552 pages
June 2016
CompTIA Server+ Study Guide: Exam SK0-004 (1119137829) cover image


NOTE: The correct URL to access the Sybex interactive online test bank and study tools is www.wiley.com/go/sybextestprep. The book’s back cover, Introduction, and last page in the book provided the wrong URL. We apologize for any confusion and inconvenience this may have caused you.

Comprehensive interactive exam preparation plus expert insight from the field

CompTIA Server+ Study Guide Exam SK0-004 is your ideal study companion for the SK0-004 exam. With 100% coverage of all exam objectives, this guide walks you through system hardware, software, storage, best practices, disaster recovery, and troubleshooting, with additional coverage of relevant topics including virtualization, big data, cloud storage, security, and scalability. Get an 'in the trenches' view of how server and data storage administration works in a real-world IT environment. From the basics through advanced topics, you'll learn how to deliver world-class solutions in today's evolving organizations by getting under the hood of technologies that enable performance, resiliency, availability, recoverability, and simplicity. Gain access to the Sybex interactive online learning environment, which features electronic flashcards, a searchable glossary, test bank, and bonus practice exams to reinforce what you have learned.

Using and understanding in-house storage devices and the cloud has become an urgent skill for any IT professional. This is your comprehensive, expert driven study guide for taking the CompTIA Server+ exam SK0-004

  • Study 100% of exam objectives and more
  • Understand storage design, implementation, and administration
  • Utilize bonus practice exams and study tools
  • Gain a real-world perspective of data storage technology

CompTIA Server+ Study Guide Exam SK0-004 is your ticket to exam day confidence.

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Table of Contents

Introduction xxi

Assessment Test li

Chapter 1 Server Hardware 1

Server Form Factors 3

Rack Mount 3

Tower 6

Blade Technology 7

Installing and Configuring Server Components 11

CPU 11

RAM 16

Bus Types, Bus Channels, and Expansion Slots 19

NICs 21

Hard Drives 22

Riser Cards 25

RAID Controllers 26


Firmware 28

USB Interface/Ports 28

Hot-Swappable Component 29

Maintaining Power and Cooling Requirements 29

Power 29

Cooling 34

Summary 37

Exam Essentials 37

Review Questions 39

Chapter 2 Installing and Configuring Servers 43

Installing and Configuring Server Operating Systems 45

Determining the Server Role/Purpose 45

Updating Firmware 46

BIOS/UEFI Configuration 46

Disk Preparation 49

Configuring Hostnames 54

Local Account Setup 55

Connecting to the Network 56

Joining a Domain/Directory 56

Addressing Security Concerns 57

Enabling Services 58

Installing Features, Roles, Applications, and Drivers 60

Performance Baseline 60

Unattended/Remote Installations 63

Using Access and Control Methods to Administer a Server 66

Local Hardware Administration 66

Network-Based Hardware Administration 69

Network-Based Operating System Administration 71

Purpose and Operation of Virtualization Components 73

Hosts and Guests 73

Management Interface for Virtual Machines 74

Hypervisor 74

Hardware Compatibility List 77

Resource Allocation Between Guest and Host 78

Summary 85

Exam Essentials 85

Review Questions 87

Chapter 3 Server Maintenance 91

Server Roles and Requirements 93

Web Server 93

Application Server 94

Directory Services Server 95

Database Server 96

File Servers 96

Print Server 97

Messaging Server 98

Mail Server 98

Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) Server 98

Network Services Server 99

Proper Server Maintenance Techniques 100

Change Management 101

Patch Management 101

Outages and Service-Level Agreements 104

Performance Monitoring 105

Hardware Maintenance 108

Fault Tolerance and High Availability Techniques 120

Asset Management and Documentation 123

Asset Management 123

Documentation 125

Secure Storage of Sensitive Documentation 129

Summary 130

Exam Essentials 130

Review Questions 131

Chapter 4 Storage Technologies 135

Hardware and Features of Various Storage Technologies 136

Direct Attached Storage (DAS) 136

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) 136

Storage Area Networks (SANs) 137

Using iSCSI and FCoE 140

JBOD 142

Tape 142

Optical Drive 144

Flash, Compact Flash, and USB Drive 144

Installing and Deploying Primary Storage Devices 144

Disk Specifications 144

Interfaces 146

Hard Drive vs. SSD 150

Summary 152

Exam Essentials 152

Review Questions 153

Chapter 5 Identifying Capacity and Fault Tolerance Requirements 157

Calculating Appropriate Storage Capacity and Planning for Future Growth 158

Base 10 vs. Base 2 Disk Size Calculation 158

Disk Quotas 159

Compression 160

Capacity Planning Considerations 160

Configuring RAID 164

RAID Levels and Performance Considerations 165

Software vs. Hardware RAID 167

Configuration Specifications 169

Hot-Swap Support and Ramifications 171

Hot Spare vs. Cold Spare 171

Array Controller 171

Summary 173

Exam Essentials 173

Review Questions 174

Chapter 6 Securing the Server 179

Physical Security Methods and Concepts 180

Multifactor Authentication 180

Security Concepts 181

Server Hardening Techniques 187

OS Hardening 187

Endpoint Security 189

Remediating Security Issues Based on a Vulnerability Scan 190

Hardware Hardening 192

Proper Environmental Controls and Techniques 196

Power Concepts and Best Practices 197

Safety 206

Summary 215

Exam Essentials 215

Review Questions 216

Chapter 7 Securing Server Data and Network Access 221

Basic Network Security Systems and Protocols 222

Firewall 222

Network Access Control 226

Router Access List 228

NIDS 229

Authentication Protocols 229

PKI 230

VPN 232

IPsec 232

VLAN 233

Security Zones 234

Logical Access Control Methods 235

Access Control Lists 235

Permissions 240

Data Security Methods and Secure Storage Disposal Techniques 243

Storage Encryption 243

Storage Media 245

Summary 247

Exam Essentials 247

Review Questions 248

Chapter 8 Networking 253

Configuring Servers to Use IP Addressing and Network Infrastructure Services 255

IPv4 vs. IPv6 255

Default Gateway 256

CIDR Notation and Subnetting 256

Public and Private IP Addressing 257

Static IP Assignment vs. DHCP 258

DNS 259

NetBIOS 265

WINS 265


MAC Addresses 267

Network Interface Card Configuration 269

Ports and Protocols 275

TCP vs. UDP 275

SNMP 161 276

SMTP 25 276

FTP 20/21 276

SFTP 22 276

SSH 22 276

SCP 22 276

NTP 123 277

HTTP 80 277

HTTPS 443 277

Telnet 23 277

IMAP 143 277

POP3 110 277

RDP 3389 277

FTPS 989/990 278

LDAP 389/3268 278

DNS 53 278

DHCP 68 278

Cable Management Procedures 278

Copper 278

Fiber 281

Connectors 282

Cable Placement and Routing 285

Summary 288

Exam Essentials 289

Review Questions 290

Chapter 9 Disaster Recovery 293

Disaster Recovery Principles 294

Site Types 294

Replication Methods 295

Continuity of Operations 297

Backup 298

Methodology 299

Backup Media 304

Media and Restore Best Practices 305

Media Storage Location 307

Summary 309

Exam Essentials 309

Review Questions 310

Chapter 10 Troubleshooting Hardware and Software Issues 315

Troubleshooting Theory and Methodologies 317

Identifying the Problem and Determining the Scope 317

Establish a Theory of Probable Cause (Question the Obvious) 319

Test the Theory to Determine Cause 320

Establish a Plan of Action to Resolve the Problem and Notify Impacted Users 320

Implement the Solution or Escalate as Appropriate 320

Verify Full System Functionality and If Applicable Implement Preventative Measures 321

Perform a Root Cause Analysis 321

Document Findings, Actions and Outcomes Throughout the Process 321

Troubleshooting Hardware Problems 322

Common Problems 322

Causes of Common Problems 328

Environmental Issues 331

Hardware Tools 333

Troubleshooting Software Problems 334

Common Problems 334

Cause of Common Problems 343

Software Tools 348

Summary 360

Exam Essentials 360

Review Questions 361

Chapter 11 Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues 365

Diagnosing Network Problems 366

Common Problems 366

Causes of Common Problems 378

Networking Tools 384

Diagnosing Security Issues 391

Common Problems 391

Causes of Common Problems 393

Security Tools 399

Summary 404

Exam Essentials 405

Review Questions 406

Chapter 12 Troubleshooting Storage Issues 411

Troubleshooting Storage Problems 412

Common Problems 412

Causes of Common Problems 418

Storage Tools 426

Summary 438

Exam Essentials 439

Review Questions 440

Appendix Answers to Review Questions 443

Chapter 1: Server Hardware 444

Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring Servers 445

Chapter 3: Server Maintenance 447

Chapter 4: Storage Technologies 448

Chapter 5: Identifying Capacity and Fault Tolerance Requirements 450

Chapter 6: Securing the Server 451

Chapter 7: Securing Server Data and Network Access 453

Chapter 8: Networking 455

Chapter 9: Disaster Recovery 456

Chapter 10: Troubleshooting Hardware and Software Issues 458

Chapter 11: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues 460

Chapter 12: Troubleshooting Storage Issues 461

Index 463

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Author Information

Troy MCMillan writes practice tests, study guides, and online course materials for Kaplan IT Cert Prep. He holds more than 30 industry certifications, delivers certification training classes, appears in training videos, and runs his own consulting and training business.

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