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All in the Mind: Psychology for the Curious, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-119-16167-7
288 pages
August 2016, Wiley-Blackwell
All in the Mind: Psychology for the Curious, 3rd Edition (1119161673) cover image


All in the Mind: Psychology for the Curious, Third Edition covers important, topical, and sometimes controversial subjects in the field of Psychology in an engaging alternative or supplement to traditional student textbooks. The third edition of a successful and uniquely readable textbook – includes more than two thirds brand new material, with all retained material thoroughly revised and updated. All in the Mind, 3rd Edition offers a new and engaging way to consider key theories and approaches in psychology; providing an original alternative or supplement to traditional teaching textbooks.

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Table of Contents

Chapter Descriptions vi

Preface to the Third Edition viii

Acknowledgments ix

Some Quirky Quotes About Psychology x

1. Introduction: Public Beliefs About Psychology 1

2. "Untangling" Myths and Psychological Realities 15

3. The Names and Dates That Shaped Psychology's History and Development 46

4. Science, Pseudo?]Science, and Conspiracy Theories 66

5. The Man Called Freud 96

6. A Guide Into Abnormal Psychology 120

7. Psychology and Work 140

8. Do Looks Matter? 165

9. Judging and Nudging 190

10. A Psychologist in the Marketplace 211

References 235

Further Reading 243

Index 259

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Author Information

Adrian Furnham is Professor of Psychology at University College London, UK. He has lectured widely around the world, has held scholarships and visiting professorships at a large number of universities, and has written over 1000 scientific papers and 80 books. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and past President of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences.

Dimitrios Tsivrikos is a Consumer and Business Psychologist at University College London, UK. His research, teaching and consultancy work specialize in Business Consumer/Branding and Occupational Psychology. He has held a number of international research fellowships and has published widely on psychology and business orientated subjects. He is a leading commentator on consumer psychology.

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