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Leadership for a Better World: Understanding the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, 2nd Edition

Susan R. Komives (Editor), Wendy Wagner (Editor), NCLP
ISBN: 978-1-119-20759-7
336 pages
November 2016, Jossey-Bass
Leadership for a Better World: Understanding the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, 2nd Edition (1119207592) cover image


The essential guide to the theory and application of the Social Change Model

Leadership for a Better World provides an approachable introduction to the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCM), giving students a real-world context through which to explore the seven C's of leadership for social change as well as a approaches to socially responsible leadership. From individual, group, and community values through the mechanisms of societal change itself, this book provides fundamental coverage of this increasingly vital topic. Action items, reflection, and discussion questions throughout encourage students to think about how these concepts apply in their own lives. The Facilitator's Guide includes a wealth of activities, assignments, discussions, and supplementary resources to enrich the learning experience whether in class or in the co-curriculum. This new second edition includes student self-assessment rubrics for each element of the model and new discussion on the critical roles of leadership self-efficacy, social perspective, and social justice perspectives. Content is enriched with research on how this approach to leadership is developed, and two new chapters situate the model in a broader understanding of leadership and in applications of the model.

The Social Change Model is the most widely-used leadership model for college students, and has shaped college leadership curricula at schools throughout the U.S. and other countries including a translation in Chinese. This book provides a comprehensive exploration of the model, with a practical, relevant approach to real-world issues.

  • Explore the many facets of social change and leadership
  • Navigate group dynamics surrounding controversy, collaboration, and purpose
  • Discover the meaning of citizenship and your commitment to the greater good
  • Become an agent of change through one of the many routes to a common goal

The SCM is backed by 15 years of research, and continues to be informed by ongoing investigation into the interventions and environments that create positive leadership development outcomes. Leadership for a Better World provides a thorough, well-rounded tour of the Social Change Model, with guidance on application to real-world issues.

Please note that The Social Change Model: Facilitating Leadership Development (978-1-119-24243-7) is intended to be used as a Facilitator's Guide to Leadership for a Better World, 2nd Edition in seminars, workshops, and college classrooms. You'll find that, while each book can be used on its own, the content in both is also designed for use togther. A link to the home page of The Social Change Model can be found below under Related Titles.

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Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xxi

About the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs xxiii

About the Authors and Editors xxv


1. Transitions and Transformations in Leadership 5
Dennis C. Roberts

2. An Overview of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development 17
Kristan Cilente Skendall


3. Consciousness of Self 43
Sherry Early and Justin Fincher

4. Congruence 66
Tricia R. Shalka

5. Commitment 87
Ashlee M. Kerkoff and Daniel Ostick


6. Collaboration 109
Jordan England

7. Common Purpose 127
Marybeth Drechsler Sharp and Alex Teh

8. Controversy With Civility 149
Cecilio Alvarez


9. Citizenship 175
Jennifer Bonnet


10. Change 201
Wendy Wagner

11. Examining Social Change 233
Wendy Wagner

12. Applying the Social Change Model 261
Marguerite Bonous-Hammarth

Epilogue 275
Susan R. Komives and Wendy Wagner

Additional Resources 277

Index 283

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Author Information

SUSAN R. KOMIVES is professor emerita at the University of Maryland. She is past president of the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education and ACPA: College Student Educators International. She was vice president of two colleges and is the author or editor of a dozen books including Student Services, Exploring Leadership, Leadership for a Better World, and The Handbook for Student Leadership Development. She is executive founding editor of the New Directions in Student Leadership series. She was a member of the teams that developed Learning Reconsidered, the relational leadership model, the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership, and the leadership identity development grounded theory. She was a member of the ensemble that developed the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. She is cofounder of the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs (NCLP) and a former member of the board of directors of the International Leadership Association. Susan is a recipient of the ACPA and NASPA outstanding research awards, the Distinguished Leadership & Service Award from the Association of Leadership Educators, and the ACPA Life Time Achievement Award.

WENDY WAGNER is the Senior Program Associate for Academic Service-Learning at the Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. She also teaches leadership and social justice courses in the Human Services and Social Justice program at George Washington. Previously, Wendy served as the Director of the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement and assistant professor of leadership and community engagement in New Century College at George Mason University. Wendy is coeditor of Leadership Development Through Service-Learning (2016) an issue in the New Directions for Student Leadership series. She is also a coeditor of Leadership for a Better World (2009) and The Handbook for Student Leadership Development (2011), as well as Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference; Facilitator Activity Guide (2013) and the accompanying Student Workbook (2013). She is a 2010 recipient of the American Association of Colleges & Universities K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award.

The National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs supports leadership development in college students through professional development for leadership educators.

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