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Make Your Own Game: Take Stock, Break Rules, Own Your Life.

ISBN: 978-1-119-22131-9
224 pages
January 2018
Make Your Own Game: Take Stock, Break Rules, Own Your Life. (1119221315) cover image


Turn your customers into fans to watch your business grow

Insider is an action guide to business growth via content marketing and community management. Bestselling author Chris Brogan has built a career around teaching companies like Microsoft, Google, Sony, and Disney how to earn customers through savvy media application. In this book, he shares his expert strategies to help you draw customers like moths to a flame. The secret is the velvet rope. Customers want to feel like insiders, and although they buy from the people they like, they buy more from the people they love. This book gives you a marketing framework for feeding that insider feeling, as well as a concrete battle plan that ties all aspects together into a clear, actionable package. You'll learn that the easiest route to the top is to build the ladder beneath you, and you'll gain key insight on positioning your product to move customers from "want" to "need."

Every business is a media business. If you're not approaching marketing from that perspective, you're missing out on tremendous revenue. This book shows you how to bring a content and community-focused approach into the core of your marketing strategy to become the company that customers can't wait to buy from.

  • Stand out amidst the distractions
  • Communicate the "insider" feeling
  • Position your company as the life of the party
  • Exploit media and technology to draw customers to you

Everyone wants to be part of an elite group; the trick is to become that "elite" group that anyone can join. A solid customer base is nothing compared to a devoted fan base, which can rocket your revenue well beyond the most ambitious projections. Insider gives you the keys to extraordinary potential, and the tools you need to fulfill it.

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