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BrandED: Tell Your Story, Build Relationships, and Empower Learning

ISBN: 978-1-119-24456-1
240 pages
April 2017, Jossey-Bass
BrandED: Tell Your Story, Build Relationships, and Empower Learning (1119244560) cover image


Move beyond mascots and clever taglines! From award-winning principal Eric Sheninger and marketing strategist Trish Rubin, BrandED invites school leaders into a smart conversation about the genuine power of brand in education.

“BrandED” is not a business brand concept designed for selling. It is an educator’s tool and skill-set for showcasing assets and strengthening relationships with all stakeholders. BrandED thinking captures the focused spirit of the outstanding work taking place in schools every day that can be easily recognized, talked about, and valued. This inspiring, practical guide will help you adopt a BrandED mindset for school improvement. Sheninger and Rubin offer proven strategies to:
  • leverage digital tools to become the storyteller-in-chief and take control of your public relations
  • strengthen internal and external communications among students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders
  • build better relationships with key stakeholders and establish strategic partnerships, resulting in increased resources
  • promote connectivity, transparency, and community at your school
  • build a positive culture that extends beyond the schoolhouse door
Today’s school leaders can’t remain in the ivory tower. BrandED will drive your professional and personal transformation, helping you to craft and share the powerful story of your unique school brand.
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Table of Contents



Our BrandED Short Story

“The Brandality Modality”

Welcome to the Conversation

Conversation One: From Brand to “BrandED”

Part One. In Brand We Trust

Part Two. BrandED Matters to Today’s School Leaders

Part Three. BrandED Unifies a School Improvement Plan

Conversation One Tips

Conversation One Reflections

Conversation Two: In the Zone for BrandED Design

Part One. The Psychology of BrandED Innovation

Part Two. Tools to Inspire BrandED Innovation

Part Three. BrandED Reputation Management

Conversation Two Tips

Conversation Two Reflections

Conversation Three: Developing a BrandED Leadership Presence

Part One. A “Professional Personal” BrandED You

Part Two. Be the BrandED Storyteller-in-Chief

Part Three. BrandED Leader as “Edupreneur”

Conversation Three Tips

Conversation Three Reflections

Conversation Four: Launching Your BrandED Strategic Plan

Part One. The BrandED Drivers

Part Two. Your BrandED Strategic Plan

Part Three. BrandED Stakeholder Relations Management

Conversation Four Tips

Conversation Four Reflections

Conversation Five: Sustaining BrandED Innovation

Part One. Invest in BrandED Leadership

Part Two. The Trend-Setting Stance of a BrandED leader

Part Three. The BrandED Competitive Advantage

Conversation Five Tips

Conversation Five Reflections

Conversation Six: Communicating with BrandEd Leadership Tools

Part One. The BrandED Payoff of Distributed Leadership

Part Two. Press, Networking, Digital Presence, and Thought Leadership

Part Three. The Law of BrandED Attraction

Conversation Six Tips

Conversation Six Reflections

Conversation Seven: Keeping up with the Digital Joneses

Part One. Disruptive Digital Behavior that Innovates Schools

Part Two. BrandED Partners in a Digital World

Part Three. Connecting with Parents on the Digital Playground

Conversation Seven Tips

Conversation Seven Reflections

Conversation Eight: Return on Investment in the BrandED School Community

Part One. Be the BrandED Relationship Steward

Part Two. Local to Global BrandED Investment

Part Three. Sustain a BrandED Community through Return on Relationship

Conversation Eight Tips

Conversation Eight Reflections

Appendix A: Developing a Mission Statement

Appendix B: Crafting Positioning Statements

Appendix C: Stewardship Model of BrandED Development

Appendix D: Suggested Digital Tools

Appendix E: Media Advisory Template

Appendix F: A BrandED Leadership Timeline

Appendix G: Online Marketing Brand Resources for Educator BrandED Adaptation





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