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The DNA of Strategy Execution: Next Generation PMO and Strategy Execution Office

ISBN: 978-1-119-27801-6
336 pages
March 2018
The DNA of Strategy Execution: Next Generation PMO and Strategy Execution Office (1119278015) cover image


A transformative framework to bring the PMO into the future

The DNA of Strategy Execution provides clear guidance and a practical framework for moving forward amidst the dynamic changes in today’s business environment. The PMO walks a tightrope between creativity and structure, between innovation and bureaucracy; demands for formal structures and discipline counter the need to be responsive and adaptive. This book provides a fresh perspective, with a real-world blueprint for the modern PMO. Through a set of practical tools, best practices, and a series of short supporting case studies from different industries, you’ll discover how to strike the critical balance, prove value, and reconcile divergent needs into a more agile next generation PMO.

The Project Management Office is a common fixture that is facing new challenges—many of which appear diametrically opposed. But today’s turbulent and disruptive business environment demands a solution, and this insightful guide shines a light on the path forward.

  • Build adaptive capabilities to thrive in uncertain environments
  • Maintain creativity and innovation while building responsiveness
  • Prove value amidst a perception of overhead and bureaucracy
  • Maintain relevancy with a fresh perspective and transformative framework

Today’s environment is tough; stakeholders are no longer satisfied with on-scope, on-time, and on-budget delivery, and the PMO is under pressure to show their worth in the era of cost-cutting. It’s up to the PMO itself to navigate these rapids without overturning the boat, and natural evolution is no longer enough; today’s environment calls for a complete transformation to bring the PMO into the future. The DNA of Strategy Execution provides the plan, and the tools to bring it to life.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction: Strategy-Execution in a DANCE World

Recognize the DANCE: The Need to Re-Think & Re-Invent

Which Game Are You Playing?

Copernican Revolution in Management

From Efficiency and Effectiveness to Experience and Impact




How Can You Use this Book?

Chapter 2 Agility: Rigor without Rigidity

How to re-frame the organizational operating system and mindset for agility

Distinguishing Traditional vs. Evolving / Startup Agile Approaches

What is Next Generation Project Management and PMO?

Which quadrant is your organization in today?

How to achieve balance

Finding your sweet-spot

Startup Sandbox

How to Build Effective Fences

Fair Process and Procedural Justice

Communities & Collaboration

Seven Keys for Successful Project Management and PMO

Shaping the Future with Project Management and PMO

Key Takeaways

Chapter 3 DNA of Strategy-Execution

The Journey of Identifying the DNA

What are the other DNA elements?

What is the big deal about the DNA of Strategy Execution?

Applying the DNA

Developing DNA Intelligence

Getting Started: How to apply the DNA to Project Management or PMO

Diagnosing the Pain

Stakeholder Empathy Map

Who is the customer?

What is the role, types, models, frameworks and functions of a PMO?

Defining Your PMO

Developing a Mission / Purpose for your PMO

PMO Frameworks

What type of PMO approach is right for you?

Strategy-Execution Office

Developing DNA Maturity and Intelligence

Key Takeaways

Chapter 4 Strategy

What is Strategy?

Strategy is not Planning

Whose Fault is it, Strategy or Execution?

What is the Role of Project, Program, Portfolio and PMO in Strategy?

The DNA Strands of Strategy

Decisions vs. Design

How can the PMO Link Strategy with Execution?

Selecting, Prioritizing and Balancing: Portfolio Management

Resource Management: Is it Possible to Defy the Laws of Physics?

What Will You Say No To?

PMO’s role in Portfolio Management

Enabling Exploration & Innovation

Evaluating Results, Value and Impact

Developing Project Management and PMO Strategy Intelligence

Key Takeaways

Chapter 5 Execution

What is Execution?


Decoding the DNA Strands of Execution

People: Developing Strategy-Execution Capabilities with the Right Talent


Technology: Tools, Systems, Apps & Bots

Types of Project Management and PMO Related Tools


Designing an Adaptive Execution Platform

Principles of Design Thinking

Designing for Execution Agility

Designing a Scalable Adaptive Execution Platform

Assessing and Maturing Execution Agility

Building Execution Intelligence

Key Takeaways

Chapter 6 Governance

To Define Effective Governance, Understand its Purpose

The strands of governance

Adaptive Governance

Developing Governance Intelligence

Key Takeways

Chapter 7 Connect

Disconnected and Adrift

Power of Connections

The DNA Strands of Connect: How and What to Connect?

Connecting Stakeholders, Networks and Connections (Identifying the Invisible)

Connecting Silos: Bridging the Matrix

Connecting Business Activities and Organizational Priorities

See the Gap and Make the Connection

Connecting Interfaces and Interdependencies

Holacracy: Antidote to the Matrix?

Connecting is Communicating

Why Communication is not Enough, You Need a MarCom Strategy

Leveraging Social Media

Relationships: Strengthening Relationships and Developing Partnerships

Community & Collaboration

How to Develop Connect Intelligence?

Key Takeaways

Chapter 8 Measure

Why does measurement continue to be elusive and challenging?

The DNA Strands of Measure


Perspective (Customer/Stakeholder) - Whose perspective are we measuring from?

Measure vs. Metric

Are You Ben or BoB?

Presentation and Communication

How do we present and communicate the measures and metrics to inspire desired action?

Action – What can we do with the measures? Are the measures actionable?

Learning - Are we getting effective feedback? Are we learning and adjusting?

Defining and Measuring Project Success

Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

Developing an Integrative Approach: Strategy-Execution Measurement Framework

Measuring and Showing PMO Value

Illuminating PMO Value

Sustaining PMO Value: Managing Value Dissipation & Benefits Erosion

Next Generation Measures

Project Management Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How to Develop Measure Intelligence

Key Takeaways

Chapter 9 Change

Change is the catalytic element in the DNA of strategy execution.

Change is Hard

The DNA Strands of Change









How to Develop Change Intelligence

Dealing with Change Resistance

How to Get Results Without being a Nag

From Managing Change to Change Making

Changing the World with Change Intelligence

Key Takeaways

Chapter 10 Learn

Traditional PM and PMOs Are Not Organized for Learning

Need for a New Perspective

Learning from Failure

How to Make Failure Survivable

The DNA Strands of Learn: 7 C’s of Cultivating a Learning Environment & PMO




Community and Collaboration


Correcting (Self-correction and Application)

Continuous Innovation

Moving from Continuous Improvement to Continuous Innovation

Meta Learning

Key Takeaways

Chapter 11 Simplify: Building the Department of Simplicity

Kill the PMO

Why Simplicity is a Strategic Imperative in Today’s Disruptive DANCE-World?

Optimizing for Efficiency versus Optimizing for Simplicity

Why Simplicity is Hard?

PM & PMO Principles of Simplicity

How to Build Your Own Department of Simplicity

Re-thinking Maturity: Subtraction, not Addition

Project and PMO Experience: Creating Raving Fans

Developing Simplify Intelligence

Key Takeaways

Chapter 12 Balance: DANCEing on the Edge of Chaos

Dealing with the DANCE

Agile Being Agile

Thriving at the Edge of Chaos

What is the Next Generation?

Ten Skills for Next Generation Project Management and PMOs

Application Questions

Feedback Loops: Project Management / PMO Delight Index (PDI)

Ben or BoB?

Appendix A PMO Functions & Activities Service Catalog

Appendix B Application of DNA of Strategy-Execution

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