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LIPIDS Mass Spectral Database

ISBN: 978-1-119-28938-8
July 2016
LIPIDS Mass Spectral Database (1119289386) cover image


Lipids are one of the major constituents of food and they have an essential role in human diet, metabolism, physiological and pathological processes. Mass spectrometry is the most important technology for lipid analysis. The Lipids Mass Spectral Database gives a significant support for peak assignment in complex mixtures and can be a valid support in many research fields, such as food analysis, clinical and medical applications. This Library contains 430 lipid-like molecules. The 11 classes of lipids, including counts for each class are as follows:

  1. Alkanes: 34
  2. Fatty Alcohols: 24
  3. Fatty aldehydes: 48
  4. Fatty acid ethyl esters: 27
  5. Fatty acid methyl esters: 199
  6. Fatty acid trimethyl esters: 14
  7. Wax monoesters: 64
  8. Isoprenoids: 2
  9. Quinones and hydroquinones: 3
  10. Sterol trimethylsilyl esters: 12
  11. Sterols: 3

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