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High Performance Polymers and Their Nanocomposites

ISBN: 978-1-119-36365-1
500 pages
June 2018
High Performance Polymers and Their Nanocomposites (1119363659) cover image


“High Performance Polymers and Their Nanocomposites” summarizes many of the recent research accomplishments in the area of high performance polymers, such as: high performance polymers-based nanocomposites, liquid crystal polymers, polyamide 4, 6, polyamideimide, polyacrylamide, polyacrylamide-based composites for different applications, polybenzimidazole, polycyclohexylene dimethyl terephthalate, polyetheretherketone, polyetherimide, polyetherketoneketone, polyethersulfone, polyphenylene sulphide, polyphenylsulfone, polyphthalamide, Polysulfone, self-reinforced polyphenylene, thermoplastic polyimide.

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