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Austerity And Law In Europe

ISBN: 978-1-119-38001-6
176 pages
March 2017, Wiley-Blackwell
Austerity And Law In Europe (1119380014) cover image


Austerity and Law in Europe presents an interdisciplinary collection of essays that challenge traditional narratives of austerity. The contributions recast austerity as a historically contingent political rationality that operates through law and technocracy.

  • A collection of essays that tackles the relationship between austerity and law within and outside the European Union
  • Draws on a set of interdisciplinary contributions, incorporating insights from European law, economic history, legal theory, and economics
  • Reveals how austerity measures in Europe were not implemented as an outcome of legal or economic necessity, but were a political choice
  • Presents austerity as a historically contingent political rationality which gained a legal endorsement in the EU law and policy without foreclosing the possibilities for contestation either through law or politics  
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Table of Contents

Austerity and Law in Europe: An Introduction (Marija Bartl and Markos Karavias)
The Guardians of Capitalism: International Consensus and the Technocratic Implementation of Austerity (Clara E. Mattei)
Has (Downturn-)Austerity Really Been `Constitutionalized' in Europe? On the Ideological Dimension of Such a Claim (Clemens Kaupa)
The Crisis of Law and the European Crises: From the Social and Democratic Rechtsstaat to the Consolidating State of (Pseudo-)technocratic Governance (Agustin J. Menendez)
The Bank, the Bond, and the Bail-out: On the Legal Construction of Market Discipline in the Eurozone (Harm Schepel)
The Growth of Debt and the Debt of Growth: Lessons from the Case of Argentina (Pablo J. Lopez and Cecilia Nahon)
Social Rights Constitutionalism: An Antagonistic Endorsement (Emilios Christodoulidis)
Contesting Austerity: On the Limits of EU Knowledge Governance (Marija Bartl)

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Author Information

Marija Bartl is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam, and a Senior Researcher at The Architecture of Post-National Rulemaking project.

Markos Karavias is Assistant Professor in International Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam and a Member of the Athens Bar. He is the author of Corporate Obligations under International Law (2013).
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