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The Official BBC micro:bit User Guide

ISBN: 978-1-119-38673-5
312 pages
October 2017
The Official BBC micro:bit User Guide  (111938673X) cover image


The go-to guide to getting started with the BBC micro:bit and exploring all of its amazing capabilities.

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized electronic development platform built with education in mind. It was developed by the BBC in partnership with major tech companies, communities, and educational organizations to provide kids with a fun, easy, inexpensive way to develop their digital skills. With it, kids (and grownups) can learn basic programming and coding while having fun making virtual pets, developing games, and a whole lot more.

Written by internationally bestselling tech author Gareth Halfacree and endorsed by the Micro:bit Foundation, The Official BBC micro:bit User Guide contains what you need to know to get up and running fast with the BBC micro:bit. Learn everything from taking your first steps with the BBC micro:bit to writing your own programs. You'll also learn how to expand its capabilities with add-ons through easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

  • Set up your BBC micro:bit and develop your digital skills
  • Write code in JavaScript Blocks, JavaScript, and Python
  • Discover the BBC micro:bit’s built-in sensors
  • Connect the BBC micro:bit to a Raspberry Pi to extend its capabilities
  • Build your own circuits and create hardware

The Official BBC micro:bit User Guide is your go-to source for learning all the secrets of the BBC micro:bit. Whether you're just beginning or have some experience, this book allows you to dive right in and experience everything the BBC micro:bit has to offer.

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Author Information

GARETH HALFACREE is the author of the Raspberry Pi User Guide and an expert in educational and embedded computing. A noted technology journalist and long-time tech author, Gareth also has an extensive background in computing education.

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