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Introduction to the Human Body, 11th Edition

ISBN: 978-1-119-39273-6
December 2017, ©2018
Introduction to the Human Body, 11th Edition (111939273X) cover image


Introduction to the Human Body combines exceptional content and outstanding visual, auditory, and interactive presentations for a multimodal and comprehensive learning experience. This digital course gives students the ability to learn and explore anatomy and physiology both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Table of Contents

1. Organization of the Human Body
2. Introductory Chemistry
3. Cells
4. Tissues
5. The Integumentary System
6. The Skeletal System
7. Joints
8. The Muscular System
9. Nervous Tissue
10. Central Nervous System, Spinal Nerves, and Cranial Nerves
11. Autonomic Nervous System
12. Somatic Senses and Special Sense
13. The Endocrine System
14. The Cardiovascular System: Blood
15. The Cardiovascular System: Heart
16. The Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels and Circulation
17. The Lymphatic System and Immunity
18. The Respiratory System
19. The Digestive System
20. Nutrition and Metabolism
21. The Urinary System
22. Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance
23. The Reproductive Systems
24. Development and Inheritance

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New to This Edition

Expanded and updated physiology coverage across the entire course.
New Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images added to multiple sections.
Significant updates to the art in the Cardiovascular System sections.
WileyPLUS Media Updates include:  5 new 3-D Physiology Animations (now 15 total); new interactive graphics, which enhance viewer experience. Multi-part figures are now displayed as slideshows, which eliminates scrolling. Refreshed ORION diagnostics based on actual student usage; Human and Animal Dissection Videos are now available in the Key Resource Ribbon; Transcripts have been added for Hear This Illustration audio lectures.

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The Wiley Advantage

Interactive Graphics: Make content visually accessible to students as they engage with print content. They are in place for multi-part figures, including multi-parts that zoom in on a given structure.
Key Resources Ribbon: Puts the course’s Anatomy and Physiology media at student and faculty’s fingertips.
Anatomy Resources include: Concept Lectures, Real Anatomy Cadaver Dissection, Muscles in Motion, Anatomy Drill and Practice; and Cat, Pig, Rat and Human dissection videos.
- Physiology Resources include: 3-D Physiology animations, the entire Interactions program (of overviews, animations, exercises & more) as well as PowerPhys – Physiological Lab Simulation software.

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Instructors Resources
Wiley Instructor Companion Site
Instructor's Resource Manual
Offers helpful teaching ideas, advice on course development, sample assignments, learning objectives, lecture outlines, class exercises, lecture notes, chapter reviews, and more!
Study Objectives Listing
Includes all course learning objectives in a single place.
Image Gallery
Use this digital repository of images displayed throughout the textbook to enliven your PowerPoint slides and interact with the reading assignments in the classroom. Images implemented in the course are available in JPG and PPT.
Text Illustrations
Labeled and unlabeled versions of text illustrations in JPG format.
Lecture Slides
PowerPoint presentations cover key concepts allowing the instructor to illustrate important topics with images, figures, and problems presented throughout the course.
Clicker Questions Slides
PowerPoint version of prepared questions for use in the classroom with your preferred Classroom Response System software.
Animation Worksheets
Cover all key Interactions animations, along with worksheet answer keys.
Real Anatomy Worksheets
With answer keys.
PowerPhys Report
Answer Keys.
Computerized Test Bank
Available in a printable, editable format and provides assessment questions that allow instructors to tailor examinations according to multiple learning outcomes.
A research-based online environment for learning and assessment.
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