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Lighting Design Basics, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-119-39431-0
264 pages
September 2017
Lighting Design Basics, 3rd Edition (1119394317) cover image


A visual, real-world guide to professional lighting design

Lighting Design Basics is the essential guide to this basic, but difficult-to-master aspect of interior design. Offering fundamental concepts and prescriptive techniques in a highly visual format, this book provides clear, practical guidance on utilizing the latest in lighting techniques and technology to showcase a space without sacrificing utility. Covering more than 25 different design scenarios with in-depth rationale for proposed solutions, this book provides insightful distribution diagrams, floor plans, and details for lighting installation and construction. Real-world case studies illustrate lighting design in residential, commercial, healthcare, education, and hospitality settings, and skill-building exercises offer practice for real-world projects as well as NCIDQ and NCARB exam preparation. This new third edition includes new instructor support materials, coverage of computer calculation software, and in-depth discussion on the latest in LED lighting.

Lighting is changing, both in the technology itself, and in the way a designer must approach it. This book provides immersive instruction through real-world settings, and practical guidance suited for immediate application in everyday projects.

  • Get up-to-date on the latest methods and technology for lighting design
  • Examine more than 25 design scenarios for different types of spaces
  • Complete exercises to hone your skills or prepare for the NCIDQ or NCARB
  • Create simple lighting designs and collaborate with architects on complex projects

Lighting can make or break a space. Improper lighting lends a space an uncomfortable feel, can induce headaches or eyestrain, and can even be hazardous—but thoughtfully designed and executed lighting adds that extra element so often missing from typical spaces. Lighting Design Basics shows you how to elevate any space through the fundamental tools and concepts of professional lighting design.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Introduction: How to Use This Book

Chapter 2 Basic Concepts in Lighting

Chapter 3 Qualities of Light Sources

Chapter 4 Daylighting

Chapter 5 Lamps

Chapter 6 Luminaires

Chapter 7 Lighting Controls

Chapter 8 Quantity of Light

Chapter 9 Quality of Light

Chapter 10 Lighting Design Approach

Chapter 11 Documenting Lighting Design

Chapter 12 Residential Lighting Design

Chapter 13 Workspace Lighting Design

Chapter 14 Lighting for Education Facilities

Chapter 15 Healthcare Lighting Design

Chapter 16 Retail Lighting Design

Chapter 17 Hospitality Lighting Design

Chapter 18 Lighting for Common Space

Chapter 19 Outdoor Lighting Design

Chapter 20 Basic Lighting Retrofitting

Chapter 21 Professional Lighting Design

Appendix A Energy Code Calculations

Appendix B Lighting in LEED


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Author Information

MARK KARLEN, PHD, AIA, has had a long and distinguished career in design education and professional practice as an architect and interior designer. He has chaired the interior design programs at the University of Cincinnati and Pratt Institute, as well as having completed many successful buildings and interiors projects.

CHRISTINA SPANGLER, LC, IES, is Senior Lighting Designer at BEAM, Ltd. She has over 16 years of experience in architectural lighting design and has received numerous awards, including the 2015 Philament award from IES Philadelphia.

JAMES R. BENYA, PE, FIES, IALD, LC, is Principal and Partner at Benya Burnett Consultancy in Davis, California.

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