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An Introduction to Network Reliability and Applications

ISBN: 978-1-119-41826-9
400 pages
February 2018
An Introduction to Network Reliability and Applications (1119418267) cover image


This book is dedicated to the reliability of networks. It presents methods, techniques and tools. It also concerns different domains of research related to the reliability engineering such as network availability, maintainability, optimization, risk and others. The book presents fundamental and application knowledge in terms of basic principles and theoretical explanations. It will be pertained to the design, to operations, to manufacture in different field of engineering and services, such as telecommunications networks and supply chains systems.

The book features:

1. Basic definitions related to the subject of network reliability are introduced slowly, clearly, meticulously, and in a logic order showing the dependency between the different chapters, sections and subsections. Every used definition, term or sentence, they describe exactly the main exact meaning.

2. The book discusses theory and applications using models, techniques, algorithms and software programs, and exercises with solutions to the most of them.

3. The associated web-based software programs provide excellent tools that can be used by practitioners, but there is a restriction imposed to the dimension of networks.
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