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Ethics in Social Networking and Business 2: The Future and Changing Paradigms

ISBN: 978-1-119-45703-9
316 pages
September 2017, Wiley-ISTE
Ethics in Social Networking and Business 2: The Future and Changing Paradigms (1119457033) cover image


This book, the second of two volumes dedicated to ethics in social networking and business, presents the future and changing paradigms related to ethics, and morality in our interconnected society.

This volume analyzes advanced topics, including new technologies, transhumanism and uberization, to provide a more complex, shared and collective environment into why business ethics is essential for managing risks and uncertainties.

The Ethics in Social Networking and Business series is the result of a cross-integration of real experiences (from IBM, society and the Rotary Club), transdisciplinary works in decision making, and advances at the boundaries of several scientific fields.


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Table of Contents

1. Evolution and Impact of Advanced Technologies on Humankind and Business.

2. Ethics and Transhumanism: Control using Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

3. Ethics and the New Business and Labor Organizations.

4. Ethics and Social Networking.

5. Ethics: Misuses and Whistleblowing in Big Data and the Web.

6. The Underlying Mechanisms to Improve Ethics: Virtues, Laws and Cultures.

7. Uses of Ethics: Between Virtue, Humanism and Illiteracy.

8. Ethics, Temporality and Spirituality.

9. Ethics: Perspectives and the Future.

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