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Normal Binocular Vision: Theory, Investigation and Practical Aspects

ISBN: 978-1-119-48033-4
280 pages
September 2017, Wiley-Blackwell
Normal Binocular Vision: Theory, Investigation and Practical Aspects (1119480337) cover image


Binocular vision, i.e. where both eyes are used together, is a fundamental component of human sight. It also aids hand-eye co-ordination, and the perception of the self within the environment. Clinical anomalies pose a wide range of problems to the sufferer, but normal binocular operation must first be understood before the eye specialist can assess and treat dysfunctions.

This is a major new textbook for students of optometry, orthoptics and ophthalmology, and also of psychology. Chapters span such key topics as binocular summation, fusion, the normal horopter, anatomy of the extra-ocular muscles, oculomotor control, binocular integration and depth perception.

Fully illustrated throughout, the book includes self-assessment exercises at the end of each chapter, and sample experiments in binocular vision functioning.

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Table of Contents




1 Introduction to Normal Binocular Vision.

2 The Development of Binocular Vision.

3 Binocular Summation.

4 The Binocular Fusion System.

5 Diplopia and Confusion, Suppression and Rivalry.

6 The Normal Horopter.

7 The Extrinsic, or Extra-ocular, Muscles.

8 Eye Movements.

9 Visual Response to Near Objects.

10 The Binocular Integrative Action of the Visual System.

11 Depth Perception.

12 Measurement of Binocular Motor and Sensory Status.

Appendix 1: Practical Experiments in Binocular Vision.

Appendix 2: Summary of Cortical Organisation in Relation to Vision.

Appendix 3: Further Reading.

Appendix 4: Norms for Binocular Visual Functions.

Appendix 5: Terminology.

Appendix 6: Glossary.



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Author Information

David Stidwill F.C.Optom., Dip. C.L.P. works in private practice and is a visiting lecturer at the Department of Vision Sciences, Aston University, Birmingham. He is Honorary Secretary of the Orthoptic and Binocular Vision Association, and is an examiner for the College of Optometrists.

Robert Fletcher M.Sc (Tech) F.C.Optom., D.Orth is Professor Emeritus in Optometry & Visual Science at City University, London.

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"Overall, this book is admirable and largely successful in its aim of providing a manageable theoretical background for the binocular vision student or clinician, and as such I can recommend it to any optometrist who feels a little unsure or rusty in this area." (Optician, 10 February 2012)
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