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McKinsey on Strategy to Beat the Odds

ISBN: 978-1-119-48762-3
288 pages
January 2018
McKinsey on Strategy to Beat the Odds (1119487625) cover image


In McKinsey on Strategy to Beat the Odds, partners from McKinsey channel the latest insights in behavioral economics to demystify the social side of strategy. A strategy can be sound on paper, having the right models and theories supporting it, but if there is a disconnect between leadership and employees, then the strategy is destined to fail. This book teaches leaders how to have more fruitful conversations with their teams, bridging the gap between theory and application. Ultimately even the wisest of strategies is challenged by individual behaviors and social dynamics. The team must be fully on-board with, and passionate about, the strategy to make it happen. Leaders will learn how to create and sell strategies so that they have their team’s full support and their ideas are honored and implemented throughout their organization.
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