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Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions

Julian P. T. Higgins (Editor), Sally Green (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-119-96479-7
672 pages
August 2011
Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions (1119964792) cover image


Healthcare providers, consumers, researchers and policy makers are inundated with unmanageable amounts of information, including evidence from healthcare research. It has become impossible for all to have the time and resources to find, appraise and interpret this evidence and incorporate it into healthcare decisions. Cochrane Reviews respond to this challenge by identifying, appraising and synthesizing research-based evidence and presenting it in a standardized format, published in The Cochrane Library (www.thecochranelibrary.com).

The Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions contains methodological guidance for the preparation and maintenance of Cochrane intervention reviews. Written in a clear and accessible format, it is the essential manual for all those preparing, maintaining and reading Cochrane reviews. Many of the principles and methods described here are appropriate for systematic reviews applied to other types of research and to systematic reviews of interventions undertaken by others. It is hoped therefore that this book will be invaluable to all those who want to understand the role of systematic reviews, critically appraise published reviews or perform reviews themselves.

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Table of Contents

About the Editors.





1. Overview and Structure of the Book (Leam A. Craig, William R. Lindsay and Kevin D. Browne).

2. Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities: Characteristics and Prevalence (Leam A. Craig and William R. Lindsay).

3. Developmental Pathways in Intellectually Disabled Sexual Offenders (Susan C. Hayes).

4. Adolescents with Intellectual Disability and Family Sexual Abuse (Kevin D. Browne and Michelle McManus).

5. Applying the Self-Regulation Model to Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities (Lynne Eccleston, Tony Ward and Barry Waterman).


6. Psychiatric Illness, Pervasive Developmental Disorders and Risk (Fabian Haut and Eleanor Brewster).

7. Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders in People with Intellectual Disabilities (Dorothy M. Griffiths, Paul Fedoroff and Deborah Richards).


8. Assessing Recidivism Risk in Sex Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities (William R. Lindsay and John L. Taylor).

9. Psychopathy and other Personality Disorders in Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities (Catrin Morrissey).

10. Suggested Adaptations to the HCR-20 for Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities (Douglas P. Boer, Matthew Frize, Ruth Pappas, Catrin Morrissey and William R. Lindsay).

11. Suggested Adaptations to the SVR-20 for Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities (Douglas P. Boer, Matthew Frize, Ruth Pappas, Catrin Morrissey and William R. Lindsay).


12. Psychometric Assessment of Sexual Deviancy in Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities (Leam A. Craig and William R. Lindsay).

13. Assessing Treatment Need in Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities (Peter E. Langdon and Glynis H. Murphy).


14. Staff Support and Development when Working with Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities (Shawn Mosher).

15. Community-Based Treatment Programmes for Sex Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities (William R. Lindsay, Amanda M. Michie and Frank Lambrick).

16. The Treatment of Intellectually Disabled Sexual Offenders in the National Offender Management Service: The Adapted Sex Offender Treatment Programmes (Fiona Williams and Ruth E. Mann).

17. Journeying to Wise Mind: Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Offenders with an Intellectual Disability (Marleen Verhoeven).


18. Improving Service Provision for Intellectually Disabled Sexual Offenders (Hannah Ford and John Rose).


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Author Information

Leam A. Craig is a Consultant Forensic Psychologist and Partner at Forensic Psychology Practice Ltd. He has published numerous research chapters, articles and books on the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders. He is also an Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Birmingham.

William R. Lindsay is Lead Clinician in Scotland for Castlebeck Care and Chair of Learning Disabilities and Forensic Psychology at the University of Abertay, Dundee. He has contributed to more than 200 academic publications. 

Kevin D. Browne is Professor of Forensic Psychology and Child Health at the Institute of Work, Health and Organisations at the University of Nottingham.  He is also a consultant to UNICEF and Head of the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre on Child Care and Protection in the UK.

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"...essential reading for anyone wishing to responsibly develop or evaluate work with sexual offenders who have intellectual disabilities.  It is an informative–yet readable–volume offering an honest appraisal of an emerging field." (Association of the Treatment for Sexual Abusers (ATSA) News Forum, Summer 2011)

‘Craig, Lindsay, and Browne have done a marvellous job of compiling this much-needed volume. The contributions provide a strong foundation for the development of effective interventions that promote offender responsibility and autonomy and increase their quality of life without compromising community safety. For anyone who works with individuals with intellectual disabilities who exhibit sexually aggressive behaviour, this book is a must-read.’
—Marnie Rice, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences at McMaster University, Canada

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