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Tropical Forest Conservation and Industry Partnership: An Experience from the Congo Basin

Connie J. Clark (Editor), John R. Poulsen (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-119-96821-4
200 pages
March 2012, Wiley-Blackwell
Tropical Forest Conservation and Industry Partnership: An Experience from the Congo Basin (1119968216) cover image


Historically, the conservation of forests and wildlife has focused on the creation of national parks and reserves. However, only 9% of protected areas are larger than 14,000 hectares, likely making them too small to conserve ecosystem services and prevent loss of wide-ranging keystone species such as elephant and leopard. New approaches are needed that extend conservation beyond protected area boundaries into areas where economic considerations prevail.

The book describes one such emerging model of conservation: the integration of the private sector into partnerships to protect biodiversity and improve forest management. While such partnerships are being created in nearly every sector of resource extraction, detailed analyses of how such partnerships work and whether they benefit biodiversity conservation are rare. Using a case study from the Congo Basin, the book examines principles of conservation and partnership, and provides technical and methodological details to replicate an innovative conservation model. It presents concrete solutions for expanding conservation across multi-use landscapes, a necessary action as industry expands to all the corners of the globe.

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Table of Contents

Contributors vii

Foreword xi

Preface xv

List of Acronyms xix

1 Introduction 1
Connie J. Clark and John R. Poulsen

2 Building Partnerships for Conservation 21
John R. Poulsen and Connie J. Clark

3 Land-use Planning in a Co-management Context: Establishing Access Regulations that Promote Biodiversity Conservation and Support Local Livelihoods 63
Connie J. Clark, John R. Poulsen, Germain A. Mavah, Antoine Moukassa, Dominique Nsosso, Kibino Kimbembe and PaulW. Elkan

4 Reducing Pressure on Wildlife and Biodiversity 86
John R. Poulsen, Connie J. Clark, Paul W. Elkan, Sarah Elkan,Marcel Ngangou´e, Pierre Kama, Jean-Claude Dengui, Jean Ibara and Olivier Mbani

5 Assessing the Impact of Logging on Biodiversity in the CIB Concessions 128
Connie J. Clark, John R. Poulsen, Richard Malonga and Paul W. Elkan

6 Impact of Industrial Logging on Human Demography and Patterns of Wildlife Harvest and Consumption 174
John R. Poulsen, Connie J. Clark, Germain A. Mavah and Paul W. Elkan

7 Conclusions and Lessons Learned 199
John R. Poulsen and Connie J. Clark

References 217

Index 231

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Author Information

Connie Clark is a Research Associate of the Gabon National Parks Agency, Research Scientist at Duke University, and former Research Coordinator for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Congo.  As a tropical ecologist and conservationist, she has over 15 years of experience in research, conservation, and training in Central Africa, including Cameroon, Gabon, and Republic of Congo. 

John Poulsen is an Assistant Professor of Tropical Ecology at Duke University.  He worked as the Director of two conservation projects for the Wildlife Conservation Society.  A forest ecologist and conservationist with over 15 years of research and management experience in the African tropics, he has published scientific articles and policy papers on forest and biodiversity conservation, private-sector partnerships, and bushmeat.

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“In summary, the book presents methods for integrating the private sector into partnerships (with NGOs and government) with the combined aim of protecting biodiversity beyond protected area boundaries and expanding conservation activities across multiuse landscapes.”  (Ecological Management & Restoration, 19 May 2014)

“This book has much to offer to this discussion and should be widely read by conservation practitioners and those in the business world interested in contributing to biodiversity conservation through good business practices.”  (Oryx, 1 October 2012)



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