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Aquaculture: Principles and Practices, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-4051-0532-3
640 pages
September 2005, Wiley-Blackwell
Aquaculture: Principles and Practices, 2nd Edition (1405105321) cover image


Covering all aspects of subsistence and commercial aquaculture as practiced across the globe, this fully revised new edition from two leading world authorities in the field is set in two parts: principles and practices, and covers in detail recent developments in:

  • History and planning
  • Nutrition
  • Reproduction and genetic selection
  • Production statistics and economics
  • Integrated aquaculture
  • Sustainability and environmental effects (new chapter)

All cultured species groups are addressed, from freshwater and marine fish to shellfish and seaweeds. Essential new facts and data have been included throughout.

This comprehensive work is an essential purchase for all those studying aquaculture and is a valuable source of reference for all personnel involved in the aquaculture industry; including those working in fish farms, research institutions, teaching posts in universities and commercial establishments such as aquaculture equipment and feed supply companies. Libraries in all universities and research establishments will find this book an important addition to their shelves.

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Principles of aquaculture: Basis of aquaculture;.

History of aquaculture and its present state;.

National planning of aquaculture development;.

Selection of sites for aquaculture;.

Selection of species for culture;.

Design and construction of aquafarms;.

Nutrition and feeds;.

Reproduction and genetic selection;.

Health and diseases;.

Control of weeds, pests and predators;.

Harvesting and post-harvest technology;.

Marketing of aquaculture products;.

Economics and financing of aquaculture;.

Farm management;.

Part II: Aquaculture practices: Carps;.

Trouts and salmons;.




Grey mullets and milkfish;.


Sea-basses and sea-breams;.

Other finfish;.

Shrimps and prawns;.

Crayfishes and crabs;.

Oysters and mussels;.

Clams, scallops and abalones;.


Integration of aquaculture with crop and livestock farming;.

Stocking of open waters and ranching

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Author Information

Dr T.V.R. Pillay was formerly Programme Director, Aquaculture Development and Coordination Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Dr M.N. Kutty was formerly Team Leader, African Regional Aquaculture Centre (ARAC) & Senior Fisheries Training Expert (Bangladesh), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; and Senior Aquaculturist (Research & Training), Network of Aquaculture Research Centres in Asia Pacific (NACA).

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The Wiley Advantage

* fully updated and revised new edition of very popular book
* contains many essential new facts and data
* covers environmental and pollution effect of aquaculture
* an essential purchase for all those studying and working in the area
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"The new edition of Aquaculture: Principles and Practices is a useful addition to the literature, and it is suitable as a textbook for college and university courses."
Aquaculture International

“The first edition of this fins book was reviewed on these pages some fifteen years ago. …now it has simply grown much bigger and better.

If you want an overview of the international aquaculture industry…this is your reference.

A wonderful, highly detailed and very useful overview of the global aquaculture scene”
Ausmarine, May 2006

"The new edition is fully revised and covers recent developments in history and planning, nutrition, reproduction and genetic selection, production statistics and economics, integrated aquaculture and sustainability and environmental effects."
CAB Abstracts

'This book covers all aspects of subsistence and commercial aquaculture practised around the world and would be of use to aquaculture students and those involved in the aquaculture industry and fish farms, research institutions, teaching, and aquaculture equipment and feed suppliers.'


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