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The Countryside Notebook

ISBN: 978-1-4051-1231-4
384 pages
August 2005, Wiley-Blackwell
The Countryside Notebook (140511231X) cover image


For all those who work, live in or simply enjoy the countryside, this new textbook is the essential reference guide. Developed to complement Primrose McConnell's Agricultural Notebook (now in its 20th Edition under the Editorship of Richard Soffe) The Countryside Notebook explores contemporary issues such as Social Capital and Rural Sociology, alongside the more traditional areas of Game, Aquaculture and Equine, offering the reader:
  • Useful lists of further reading, references and websites at the end of each chapter
  • Contributions from a wide range of experts
  • International scope with content relevant to temperate climates outside the UK
  • Additional support through a companion website

The book is divided into four accessible sections: Rural Development, Rural Society and Government, Rural Environment and The Rural Economy. Carefully developed to meet the needs of anyone studying courses in agricultural sciences, countryside management, rural studies, rural environment and countryside environment. Students, lecturers, managers and consultants in these areas will find this book a valuable purchase. All libraries in universities and colleges where these subjects are studied and taught will find it a welcome addition to their shelves.

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Table of Contents

Part 1 Rural Development.

1 One thousand years of rural life.

P Brassley.

Part 2 Rural Society & Government.

2 An introduction to contemporary rural economies.

M Winter and M Lobley.

3 More than picturesque: An introduction to contemporary rural society.

M Reed and M Lobley.

4 Countryside law.

T Felton.

5 Rural planning.

P Tyler P Warner.

Part 3 The Rural Environment.

6 Nature conservation.

E Williams.

7 Landscape.

S Blackburn and P Brassley.

8 Building conservation.

PC Child.

Part 4 The Rural Economy.

9 The common agricultural policy of the European Union.

P Brassley and M Lobley.

10 Livestock production.

RA Cooper.

11 Cropping in the UK.

A Samuel.

12 Grassland.

RJ Wilkins.

13 Organic farming.

NH Lampkin.

14 Farm woodland management.

AD Carter and I Willoughby.

15 Game bird management.

S Tapper.

16 Equine.

J Houghton Brown.

17 Amenity fisheries and aquaculture.

P Haughton and D Horsely.

18 Tourism.

PR Brunt.

19 Marketing management.

R Soffe.

20 Managing people.

MAH Stone

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The Wiley Advantage

  • A new textbook specially designed for use on rural and countryside courses
  • Sister book to the successful Agricultural Notebook
  • Edited by Richard Soffe, with contributions from a wide range of experts
  • International scope: also suitable for use in temperate countries outside the UK
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