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Wine Production: Vine to Bottle

ISBN: 978-1-4051-1365-6
152 pages
September 2005, Wiley-Blackwell
Wine Production: Vine to Bottle (1405113650) cover image
The standard of wines made today is arguably higher than any time in the six thousand years of vinous history. The level of knowledge of producers and the ability to control the processes in wine production is also greatly improved.

Authors Keith Grainger and Hazel Tattersall detail these processes, from vine to bottle, looking at key factors such as geography, winemaking techniques, the impact of decisions made upon style and quality, and problems that may be encountered. The authors are not afraid to discuss practices that may be regarded as controversial.

Highly regarded consultants to the wine industry, Grainger and Tattersall present a clear and accessible handbook:

  • Bullet points
  • Vineyard and winery photographs
  • Diagrams
  • Text boxes
Wine Production: Vine to Bottle is a concise and easy-to-use reference guide for all busy food and beverage industry professionals, students and others needing a working knowledge of wine production.
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Series Editor's Foreword.




Chapter 1 Viticulture - The Basics1.1 The Structure Of The Grape Berry.

1.2 The Grape Vine.

1.3 What Is A Grape Variety?.

1.4 Reasons For Grafting.

1.5 Phylloxera Vastatrix.

1.6 Rootstocks.

1.7 The Lifespan Of The Vine.

Chapter 2 Climate.

2.1 Climatic requirements of the grape vine.

2.2 Climatic enemies of the grape vine.

2.3 Mesoclimate & microclimate.

2.4 The concept of degree days.

2.5 Impact of climate.

2.6 Weather.

Chapter 3 Soil 3.1 Soil requirements of the grape vine.

3.2 Influence of soils upon wine style and quality.

3.3 Soil types suitable for viticulture.

3.4 Soil compatibility.

3.5 Terroir.

Chapter 4 The vineyard.

4.1 Vineyard location.

4.2 Density of planting of vines.

4.3 Training systems.

4.4 Pruning methods and canopy management.

4.5 Irrigation.

4.6 The growing season and work in the vineyard.

Chapter 5 Pests and diseases.

5.1 Important vineyard pests.

5.2 Diseases.

5.3 Prevention & treatments.

Chapter 6 Environmental approaches in the vineyard.

6.1 Integrated pest management - IPM.

6.2 Organic viticulture.

6.3 Biodynamic viticulture.

Chapter 7 The harvest.

7.1 Grape ripeness & timing of picking.

7.2 Harvesting methods.

7.3 Style & quality.

Chapter 8 Vinification - the basics.

8.1 Basic principles of vinification.

8.2 Winery location and design.

8.3 Winery equipment.

Chapter 9 Red wine making.

9.1 Stemming and crushing.

9.2 Must preparation.

9.3 Fermentation, temperature control and extraction.

9.4 Maceration.

9.5 Racking.

9.6 Pressing.

9.7 Malolactic fermentation.

9.8 Blending.

9.9 Maturation.

Chapter 1 Dry white wine making.

10.1 Crushing and pressing.

10.2 Must preparation.

10.3 Fermentation.

10.4 Malolactic fermentation.

10.5 Maturation.

Chapter 11 Preparing wine for bottling.

11.1 Fining.

11.2 Filtration.

11.3 Stabilisation.

11.4 Adjustment of sulphur dioxide levels.

11.5 Bottling.

11.6 Closures.

Chapter 12 Detailed processes in red and white wine making.

12.1 Wine presses and pressing.

12.2 Use of gases to prevent spoilage.

12.3 Natural or cultured yeasts.

12.4 Destemming.

12.5 Fermenting sugar rich musts to dryness.

12.6 Colour extraction, concentration and tannin balance.

12.7 Macro, micro and hyper-oxygenation.

12.8 Removal of excess alcohol.

Chapter 13 Barrel maturation and oak treatments.

13.1 The influence of the barrel.

13.2 Oak treatments.

Chapter 14 Making other types of still wine.

14.1 Medium-sweet and sweet wines.

14.2 Rosë wines.

14.3 Liqueur (fortified) wines.

Chapter 15 Sparkling wines.

15.1 Fermentation in sealed tank.

15.2 Second fermentation in bottle.

15.3 The traditional method.

Chapter 16 Problems and solutions.

16.1 Vintages - style and quality.

16.2 Coping with [roblems in the vineyard.

16.3 Handling fruit in the winery.

16.4 Problems in winemaking.

Chapter 17 Common faults and their causes.

17.1 2,4,6-Trichloroanisole.

17.2 Oxidation.

17.3 Excessive volatile acidity.

17.4 Excessive sulphur dioxide.

17.5 Reductivity.

17.6 Brettanomyces.

17.7 Dekkera.

17.8 Geraniol.

17.9 Geosmin.


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Keith Graiger, Wine Educator, UK
Hazel Tattersall, Wine Educator, UK
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Part of the Blackwell Food Industry Briefing Series

Authors are consultants to the wine industry

Succinct, user friendly and easy to assimilate information

Essential cutting edge information for the food industry

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"The complete production process all in one paperback book of around 120 pages."
VITIS-VEA Database
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