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Pocket Guide to Fungal Infection, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978-1-4051-2218-4
192 pages
May 2006, Wiley-Blackwell
Pocket Guide to Fungal Infection, 2nd Edition (1405122188) cover image
The Pocket Guide to Fungal Infection presents, in a convenient and practical format, the major features of fungal infections in humans, providing visual information for each pathogen and the infections they cause.


The second edition has been extensively revised. In each chapter the clinical manifestations and management sections have been revised and updated to include recently developed antifungal drugs. New sections include;


  • Emerging yeast and filamentous fungal pathogens
  • Antifungal susceptibility testing
  • Antifungal assays
  • Molecular methods in medical mycology
  • Mycological aspects of the indoor environment.


Medical Mycology lends itself to illustration and as such there are over 40 additional images in this edition. Recent references have been added and the list of online resources has been updated.


This Guide presents a succinct account of the clinical manifestations, laboratory diagnosis and management of fungal infections world-wide. It is an ideal publication for those who encounter fungal infections as part of their everyday practice, including medical microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, dermatologists and general practitioners.

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Introduction to the second edition.

Introduction to the first edition.



Tinea capitis.

Tinea corporis.

Tinea cruris.

Tinea pedis.

Tinea manuum.

Tinea unguium.

Mucosal and cutaneous infections.

Oral candidosis.

Vaginal candidosis.

Cutaneous candidosis.

Malassezia infections.

Mould infections of nails.



Opportunistic fungal infections.


Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia.

Deep candidosis.




Systemic mycoses.






Subcutaneous mycoses.


Subcutaneous zygomycosis.





Unusual fungal infections.


Penicillium marneffei infection.

Uncommon yeast infections.




Mycological aspects of the indoor environment.

Antifungal assays and susceptibility tests.

Antifungal assays.

Susceptibility tests.

Molecular methods.

Selected reading.

WWW sites.

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Dr Malcolm Richardson, Specialist in Clinical Mycology, Department of Bacteriology and Immunology, Haartman Institute, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

Dr Elizabeth Johnson, Mycology Reference Laboratory, Health Protection Agency, Bristol, UK

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  • The ideal pocket companion to Fungal Infection (£29.50, Blackwell, 2003)
    Includes significant recent developments in the diagnosis and management of fungal infections
  • Management sections now include more comprehensive sections on opportunistic fungal infections and systemic mycoses
  • Addresses the findings of recent clinical trials affecting the role of older and new drugs
  • Presents major fungal infections in a synoptic manner to assist in diagnosis and management
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"The book provides a wealth of excellent photos and a brief outline of diagnostic, clinical, and therapeutic issues for common fungal infections. This is a well designed new edition of a guide published six years ago. It has the advantages of brevity and outstanding photographs."
Doodys website

"...the authors are to be congratulated on improving an already worthwhile text. This book is ideal for the non-expert and it more than fulfils the role for which it was designed."
Journal of Hospital Infection

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