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A Companion to Greek Rhetoric

Ian Worthington (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-2551-2
632 pages
December 2006, Wiley-Blackwell
A Companion to Greek Rhetoric (1405125519) cover image
This complete guide to ancient Greek rhetoric is exceptional both in its chronological range and the breadth of topics it covers.
  • Traces the rise of rhetoric and its uses from Homer to Byzantium
  • Covers wider-ranging topics such as rhetoric's relationship to knowledge, ethics, religion, law, and emotion
  • Incorporates new material giving us fresh insights into how the Greeks saw and used rhetoric
  • Discusses the idea of rhetoric and examines the status of rhetoric studies, present and future
  • All quotations from ancient sources are translated into English
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Notes on Contributors viii

Preface: For Readers – and Reviewers x

Notes xii

Abbreviations xiii

Speeches of the Attic Orators xiv

Part I Setting the Scene 1

1 Rhetorical Questions 3
Edward Schiappa and Jim Hamm

2 Modern Interpretations of Classical Greek Rhetoric 16
Takis Poulakos

Part II Rhetoric: A Brief History 25

3 Background and Origins: Oratory and Rhetoric before the Sophists 27
Michael Gagarin

4 Gorgias the Sophist and Early Rhetoric 37
Jeroen A.E. Bons

5 Alcidamas 47
Michael Edwards

6 Isocrates 58
Terry L. Papillon

7 Plato’s Rhetoric 75
Harvey Yunis

8 The Rhetoric to Alexander 90
P. Chiron

9 Aristotle’s Art of Rhetoric 107
W.W. Fortenbaugh

10 Hellenistic Rhetoric in Theory and Practice 124
John Vanderspoel

11 The New World Order: Greek Rhetoric in Rome 139
Joy Connolly

12 Rhetoric in Byzantium 166
Elizabeth Jeffreys

Part III Rhetoric and Speeches 185

13 The Parts of the Speech 187
Michael de Brauw

14 Forensic Oratory 203
Craig Cooper

15 Symbouleutic Oratory 220
Stephen Usher

16 Epideictic Oratory 236
Christopher Carey

Part IV Rhetoric: Political, Social and Intellectual Contexts 253

17 Rhetoric and Politics in Classical Greece: Rise of the Rhe¯tores 255
Ian Worthington

18 Rhetoric and Persuasion in the Hellenistic World: Speaking up for the Polis 272
Andrew Erskine

19 Rhetoric and the Law 286
James P. Sickinger

20 Rhetoric and Education 303
Teresa Morgan

21 Rhetoric and Religion 320
Ken Dowden

22 Rhetoric and Language 336
A. Lopez Eire

23 Rhetoric and Logic 350
James Allen

24 Rhetoric and Knowledge 365
Tobias Reinhardt

25 Rhetoric and Ethics from the Sophists to Aristotle 378
Jane M. Day

26 Rhetoric, Manliness and Contest 393
Joseph Roisman

27 Rhetoric and Emotion 411
David Konstan

Part V Rhetoric and Literature 427

28 Right Rhetoric in Homer 429
Hanna M. Roisman

29 Hesiod’s Rhetorical Art 447
Jenny Strauss Clay

30 Acts of Persuasion in Hellenistic Epic: Honey-Sweet Words in Apollonius 458
Anatole Mori

31 Rhetoric and Tragedy: Weapons of Mass Persuasion 473
Marianne McDonald

32 Attic Comedy and the Development of Theoretical Rhetoric 490
Thomas K. Hubbard

33 Rhetoric and Lyric Poetry 509
William H. Race

34 Rhetoric and the Novel: Sex, Lies and Sophistic 526
Ruth Webb

35 Rhetoric and Historiography 542
Matthew Fox and Niall Livingstone

Bibliography 562

Index 594

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Ian Worthington is Frederick A. Middlebush Professor of History at the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA. His previous publications include Demosthenes: Statesman and Orator (2000), Alexander the Great: A Reader (2003), and a biography, Alexander the Great: Man and God (2004).
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  • A current and comprehensive guide to Greek rhetoric.
  • Traces the rise of rhetoric and its uses from Homer to Byzantium.
  • Covers wider-ranging topics such as rhetoric's relationship to knowledge, ethics, religion, law, and emotion.
  • Incorporates new material giving us fresh insights into how the Greeks saw and used rhetoric.
  • Discusses the idea of rhetoric, the status of rhetoric studies (present and future), and summarises the various chapters of the volume.
  • All quotations from ancient sources are translated into English.
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"This Companion contains strong contributions.... Andrew Erskine's excellent chapter on the practical side of Hellenistic rhetoric; and Teresa Moragn manages a broad coverage of rhetoric and education." (Greece & Rome, 2008)

"Exploring rhetoric from a variety of sociohistorical and thematic contexts from the Homeric to the Byzantine period, this companion sets a standard that should serve the discipline for some years to come." (Choice)

“The editor…has provided us with a fresh overview of important areas…in chapters that bristle with information and insight. The volume has been well edited.” (Bryn Mawr Classical Review)

"A well planned and constructed volume is presented in an equally well-constructed series [Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World]." (Reference Reviews)

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