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Key Notes on Plastic Surgery

ISBN: 978-1-4051-4672-2
328 pages
April 2008, Wiley-Blackwell
Key Notes on Plastic Surgery (1405146729) cover image
Key Notes in Plastic Surgery aims to cover the plastic surgery syllabus in a short notes format. The book purposely contains only the significant facts, clearly laid out so that the information is easy to digest.
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Section 1: General principles.

Skin structrue and function; Blood supply of the skin; Classification of flaps; Geometry of local flaps; Wound; healing and skin grafts; Bone healing and bone grafts Nerve healing and nerve grafts; Tendon healing; Tissue tranplantation; Alloplastic implantation; Dressings; Sutures and suturing; Tissue expansion.

Section 2: Skin and soft tissue lesions.

Benign non-pigmented skin lesions; Benign pigmented skin lesions; Malignant non-pigmented skin lesions; Malignant melanoma; Sarcoma.

Section 3: The head and neck.

The embryology of the head and neck; Craniofacial surgery; Cleft lip; Cleft palate; Head and neck cancer; Facial fractures and soft tissue injuries; Oculoplastic surgery; Facial palsy; Abnormalities of the ear; Vascular abnormalities.

Section 4: Plastic surgery of the breast and chest wall.

The anatomy of the breast; Breast reduction; Mastopexy; The tuberous breast; Gynaecomastia; Breast augmentation; Breast cancer; Breast reconstruction; Reconstruction of the chest wall.

Section 5: The upper limb.

The embryology of the upper limb; Congenital deformities of the upper limb; Nerve compression in the upper limb; Tendon transfers in the upper limb; Dupuytren's disease; Tumours of the upper limb; Arthritis of the upper limb; Hand infections.

Section 6: The lower limb.

Leg ulcers; Lower limb trauma; Lymphoedema; Pressure sores.

Section 7: Plastic surgery of the urogenital system.

Hypospadias; Epispadias and exstrophy of the bladder; Ambiguous genitalia; Vaginal reconstruction.

Section 8: Burns.

Thermal burns and inhalational injury; Chemical burns; Electrical burns.

Section 9: Microsurgery.

The history of microsurgery; Vessel healing and thrombosis; Reperfusion injury; Microvascular equipment and technique; The post-operative management of free tissue transfers; The post-operative monitoring of free tissue transfers; The management of the non-flowing anastomosis.

Section 10: Aesthetic surgery.

Blepharoplasty; Face-lifting; Rhinoplasty; Liposuction.


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*Short succinct book covering the scope of plastic surgery
*Divided into 10 sections each containing information on the major subcategories of plastic surgery
*Has an even balance between depth and detail
*Covers an enormous range of sub-specialist areas of plastic surgery
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"This is a plastic surgery book with a difference. This contains only the meat without all the unnecessary trimming".

-Ian T Jackson, M D, Director of Craniofacial & Reconstructive Surgery, Institute for Craniofacial & Reconstructive Surgery.

"...an excellent compendium of keynotes on plastic surgery and Adrian Richards is to b congratulated".

Nicholas Parkhouse, DM, MCh, FRCS, Editor, British Journal of Plastic Surgery

"It is a well thought out, succinct distillation of notes and observations relevant to the Syllabus in Plastic Surgery. I have no hesitation in recommending its use as a quick reference and revision aid".

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