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The Handbook of Language and Speech Disorders

Jack S. Damico (Editor), Nicole Muller (Editor), Martin J. Ball (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-5862-6
672 pages
April 2010, Wiley-Blackwell
The Handbook of Language and Speech Disorders (140515862X) cover image


Through contributions from leading experts in the fields of communication science, The Handbook of Speech and Language Disorders presents a comprehensive survey detailing the state of the art in speech, language, and cognitive/intellectual disorders.
  • Provides the first in-depth exploration of the rapidly expanding field of communication disorders
  • Examines the current debates, landmark studies, and central themes in the discipline, including analytical methods and assessment
  • Includes contributions from more than 20 leading scholars to provide an extraordinary breadth of coverage of this growing, multi-disciplinary field
  • Features a “foundations” section that deals with issues of central importance to all research in the field, including social and practical considerations in classification and diversity, genetic syndromes, and principles of assessment and intervention
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Table of Contents

List of Figures.

Notes on Contributors.

Introduction (Jack S. Damico, Nicole Müller and Martin J. Ball).

Part I Foundations.

1  Social and Practial Considerations in Labeling (Jack S. Damico,  Nicole Müller, and Martin J. Ball ).

2 Diversity Considerations in Speech and Language Disorders (Brian A. Goldstein and Ramonda Horton-Ikard).

3 Intervention for Children with Auditory or Visual Sensory Impairments (Laura W. Kretschmer and Richard. R. Kretschmer).

4 Intelligibility Impairments (Megan Hodge and Tara Whitehill).

5 Genetic Syndromes and Communication Disorders (Vesna Stojanovik).

6 Principles of Assessment and Intervention (Bonnie Brinton and Martin Fujiki).

Part II Language Disorders.

7 Autism Spectrum Disorders: The State of the Art (John Muma and Steven Cloud).

8 Delayed Language Development in Preschool Children (Deborah Weiss and Rhea Paul).

9 Specific Language Impairment (Sandra L. Gillam and Alan G. Kamhi).

10 Pragmatic Impairment (Michael R. Perkins).

11 Learning Disabilities (Robert Reid and Laura Jacobson).

12 Reading and Reading Impairments (Jack S. Damico and Ryan Nelson).

13 Substance Abuse and Childhood Language Disorders (Truman E. Coggins and John C. Thorne).

14 Aphasia (Chris Code).

Part III Speech Disorders.

15 Children with Speech Sound Disorders (Sara Howard).

16 Dysarthria (Hermann Ackermann, Ingo Hertrich, and Wolfram Ziegler).

17 Apraxia of Speech (Adam Jacks and Donald A. Robin).

18 Augmentative and Alternative Communication: An Introduction (Kathryn D. R. Drager, Erinn F. Finke, and Elizabeth C. Serpentine).

19 Fluency and Fluency Disorders (John A. Tetnowski and Kathy Scaler Scott).

20 Describing Voice Disorders (Richard Morris and Archie Bernard Harmon).

21 Orofacial Anomalies (Jane Russell).

22 Speech Disorders Related to Head and Neck Cancer: Laryngectomy, Glossectomy, and Velopharyngeal and Maxillofacial Defects (Tim Bressmann).

Part IV  Cognitive and Intellectual Disorders.

23 ADHD and Communication Disorders (Carol Westby and Silvana Watson).

24 Communication Deficits Associated with Right Hemisphere Brain Damage (Margaret Lehman Blake).

25 Traumatic Brain Injury (Jennifer Mozeiko, Karen Lé, and Carl Coelho).

26 Dementia (Nicole Müller).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

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Author Information

Jack S. Damico is the Doris B. Hawthorne Eminent Scholar in Communicative Disorders and Special Education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is co-editor of the Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders and he has published over 100 peer reviewed articles and chapters in the areas of language disorders in children, literacy, aphasia in adults, discourse studies, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, language testing and qualitative methodologies. He has authored or edited 16 books, special journal issues, and manuals including Childhood Language Disorders (1995),Clinical Aphasiology: Future Directions (co-edited with Martin Ball, 2007), andSpecial Education Considerations for English Language Learners (co-authored with Else Hamayan, Barb Marler, and Cristine Sanchez-Lopez, 2007).

Nicole Müller is a Hawthorne-BoRSF Endowed Professor of Communicative Disorders at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is the founder-editor of the Journal of Multilingual Communication Disorders, and is now a co-editor of Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics. She has authored and edited 10 books, and over 50 peer-reviewed articles and chapters. Among her recent books are Approaches to Discourse in Dementia (co-authored with Jackie Guendouzi, 2005), and The Handbook of Clinical Linguistics (co-edited with Martin J. Ball, Michael R. Perkins, and Sara Howard, Wiley-Blackwell, 2008).

Martin J. Ball is Hawthorne-BoRSF Endowed Professor, and Director of the Hawthorne Center for Research in Communicative Disorders, at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is co-editor of the journal Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, and has authored and edited over 25 books, 40 contributions to collections, and some 80 refereed articles in academic journals. His most recent books are Clinical Sociolinguistics (Wiley-Blackwell, 2005), Phonetics for Communication Disorders (co-authored with Nicole Müller, 2005), Clinical Aphasiology: Future Directions (co-edited with Jack Damico, 2007) and Critical Concepts in Clinical Linguistics (co-edited with Tom Powell, 2009).

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“Organized in four sections, this handbook provides detailed reviews of many common speech and language disorders. The last three sections cover familiar topics – language disorders, speech disorders, cognitive/intellectual disorders. However, the introductory section, ‘Foundations’, is unique in that it addresses issues that are universal to any type of disorder and its treatment, such as labeling, diversity, genetics, assessment, additional impairments, and more … Recommended.” CHOICE (February 2011)

“Unique in its comprehensive coverage of language and speech disorders of various aetiologies, a ‘must have’ resource for students, clinicians and researchers in speech-language pathology and related professions.”
Bruce Murdoch, the University of Queensland

"Damico, Müller and Ball have successfully responded to a challenge unanswered since the last revision of Travis’ (1971) handbook. They have compiled a work that comprehensively documents how the study of language and speech disorders has changed since then."
Audrey Holland, University of Arizona

"If you’ve been looking for an accessible reference text on language and speech disorders, written by respected experts, then your search stops here."
Fiona Gibbon, University College Cork, Ireland

“This handbook is a worthy successor to the classic publication edited by Lee Edward Travis. The editors have recruited capable authors to meet the challenge of assembling a text that is contemporary and comprehensive in its coverage of the field.”
Raymond Kent, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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