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ABC of Headache

Anne MacGregor (Editor), Alison Frith (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-7066-6
88 pages
November 2008, BMJ Books
ABC of Headache (1405170662) cover image
In its different presentations, headache is one of the most common symptoms seen by family practitioners. The difficulty is in diagnosing the cause of the headache so that the appropriate treatment is provided, or if referral to a specialist is the recommended course of action.

The ABC of Headache helps with this dilemma and guides the healthcare professional to look for the possible causes of presenting symptoms. Based on real case histories, each chapter guides the reader from symptoms through to diagnosis and management.

This new ABC is a highly illustrated, informative, and practical source of knowledge. With links to further information and resources, it is a valuable text for healthcare professionals at all levels of practice and training.

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1 Approach to Headaches.

Anne MacGregor.

2 Migraine.

Anne MacGregor.

3 Tension-type Headache.

Anne MacGregor.

4 Cluster Headache.

David W. Dodick.

5 Medication Overuse Headache.

David W. Dodick.

6 Menstrual Headaches.

Alison Frith.

7 Childhood Periodic Syndromes.

Ishaq Abu-Arafeh.

8 Teenage Headache.

Ishaq Abu-Arafeh.

9 Exertional Headache.

R. Allan Purdy.

10 Thunderclap Headache.

David W. Dodick.

11 Headache and Brain Tumour.

R. Allan Purdy.

12 Headache and Neck Pain.

Anne MacGregor.

13 Headache and Depression.

Anne MacGregor.

14 Pain in the Temple.

R. Allan Purdy.

15 Facial Pain.

David W. Dodick.

Further resources.


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Anne MacGregor
Director of Clinical Research, The City of London Migraine Clinic, London, UK

Alison Frith
Clinical Research Sister, The City of London Migraine Clinic, London, UK

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  • Uses real case histories to guide the reader through symptoms to diagnosis and management or, where relevant, to specialist referral
  • A highly illustrated, informative and practical source of knowledge and offers links to further information and resources
  • An essential guide for healthcare professionals, at all levels of training, looking for possible causes of presenting symptoms of headache
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"With many tables and illustrations, it is highly didactic. Helpful to every pediatrician and practitioner."  (Pediatric Endocrinology Reviews, June 2010)

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