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Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing: Clinical Management and Wound Care

ISBN: 978-1-4051-7325-4
488 pages
April 2008, Wiley-Blackwell
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Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing is a practical manual for all nurses involved in plastic surgical care. Plastic or reconstructive surgery serves to restore form and function following trauma (accidents, injuries and burns), congenital defects, or illness (cancer and neoplasms, pressure sores, and degenerative illness).

Nursing these patients requires specialist training in complex clinical management and specialist wound care. This book is a unique definitive and comprehensive text for nurses providing a practical, highly illustrated guide to plastic surgical care.

  • Definitive, comprehensive text on plastic surgical care
  • A unique, practical handbook
  • Provides evidence-based guidelines for all aspects of patient care
  • Explores reconstructive plastic surgical care from head to toe
  • Illustrated in full colour throughout
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Table of Contents



Applying this book to clinical practice.

Abbreviations used in this book.

Section I Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Nursing Practice: Foundation and Practice Framework.

Chapter 1 Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Nursing Practice.

Chapter 2 A Clinical Practice Framework for Modern Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing.

Chapter 3 Body Image Issues and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

Section II Wound Management – Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing.

Chapter 4 4.1. Primary Clinical Management Definitions.

4.2. Introduction to Wound Management within Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Nursing Practice.

Chapter 5 The Functional Anatomy of the Skin and its Appendages.

Chapter 6 6.1. Physiology of the Ageing of the Skin.

6.2. Skin Lesions - Overview.

Chapter 7 Wound Bed Repair (WBR).

Chapter 8 8.1. Principal Clinical Issues in the Causes of Wound Breakdown and the Failure of Wounds to Repair.

8.2. Applied Nutritional Issues in Wound Bed Repair.

Chapter 9 Wound Bed Assessment (WBA).

Chapter 10 10.1. Wound Bed Preparation (WBP) – Principles.

10.2. Wound Dressings and Bandage Management - Principles.

Chapter 11 Pain Associated with Wounds and Dresssing Changes – Principles of Patient Care.

Chapter 12 Wound Bed Maintenance (WBM) - Splinting - Suture Line Management- Wound Scar Management- Skin Maintenance and Massage Therapy.

Chapter 13 Palliative Wound Bed Management — (PWBM- Malignant).

Palliative Wound Bed Management—(PWBM–Non- Malignant).

Chapter 14 14.1. Principles of Nursing Discharge Management and Ambulatory Care Following Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.

14.2. Wound Management in the Home and Community Healthcare Facility Following Reconstructive Surgery.

Section III Peri-Operative Theatre/Room Management – General Principles of Care.

Chapter 15 Peri-Operative Operating Theatre (OT) / Room (OR) Patient Management – the Essentials.

Chapter 16 Peri-Operative Paediatric Care in Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing - the Principles.

Section IV Applied Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing 1.

Chapter 17 Skin Grafts.

Chapter 18 Microsurgery.

Chapter 19 Reconstructive Skin and Soft Tissue Flaps.

Chapter 20 The Hand.

Chapter 21 Replant Surgery.

Chapter 22 Tissue Expansion.

Section V Applied Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing 2.

Chapter 23 Craniofacial Reconstruction.

Chapter 24 Ear Reconstruction.

Chapter 25 Camouflage Prostheses - Anaplastology.

Osseointegration As a Reconstructive Process.

Chapter 26 Urogenital Reconstruction (Hypospadias).

Section VI Applied Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Nursing 3.

Chapter 27 Breast Surgery: Augmentation Mammoplasty - Reduction Mammoplasty –Mastopexy - Subcutaneous Mastectomy (Female) -Gynecomastia (Male) - Breast Reconstruction Post-Mastectomy.

Chapter 28 Body Contouring: Abdominoplasty - Thigh Lift - Liposuction.

Chapter 29 Aesthetic/Reconstructive Surgery of the Face.

Chapter 30 Nasal Surgery: Rhinoplasty – Septo-Rhinoplasty.

Post Traumatic Reconstruction.

Post Tumour Excision Reconstruction.


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Author Information

Jill Storch is Research Associate (nursing) and education consultant (nursing) at The Jack Brockhoff Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Research Foundation, Royal Melbourne Hospital and University of Melbourne, Australia.

Jan Rice is Manager Education & Clinical Services, Wound Foundation of Australia Ltd and Monash University.

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The Wiley Advantage

* a unique and practical 'handbook' for nurses on plastic surgery care
* explores plastic surgery care from head to toe
* provides guidelines for all aspects of patient care
* covers skin management, skin grafts, burns management and peri-operative care
* includes over 50 colour photographs in an 8 page colour plate section
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